Diving Holidays In Moalboal

Moalboal is a small town on the western shore of island of Cebu with views across the Tanon Strait towards Negros Island. At Panagsama Beach is a shallow reef, at low tide you can walk around and explore the reef, after 50 m starts the drop off from 3 to 35 m and is also very good for snorkelling.

Even although we have no sand beach in front, Panagsama Beach is a special place with a relaxed atmosphere. Native fishermen, tourists and expats from several countries create a unique community. Because of the mixture from all kind of accommodations, restaurants and bars, at lot of tourists stay much longer than intended, some for months....

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Diving In Moalboal

Popularly known as the 'Diving Paradise of Cebu' due to its white sandy beaches, beautiful corals and different marine species especially around Pescador Island. Just off shore is the Tañon strait with over 30+ dive sites. Diving for everyone from beginners, technical divers and macro photographers. House reef diving is year round with numerous other sites a maximum 25 Minutes away by boat. A day's diving would normally include 3 dives.

SAMPAGUITA: Sampaguita is a drop off, it goes down to approx. 40 m. There are a lot of small caves and overhangs in the wall; in the caves we are able to see some different groupers. The wall is scattered with small gorgoniaswhere we can discover pygmy seahorses sometimes. Good place for all levels of divers and especially for night and macro dives as well. 

TONGO POINT: An excellent spot for deep as well as for shallow dives. On this point we have a great possibility to see turtles. Also any kind of coral fish,sea anemones as well as hard corals. Sometimes you can see also a whaleshark. 

TALISAY: Talisay is a drop-off, goes down to 40m, after that a sandy slop area starts. In a depth of 20 to 30m you can find a big variety of hard & soft corals, black corals and sponges anywhere. In the shallow part you can find a lot of small attractive things like nudibranches, shrimpfish, frogfish and so on.

SAAVEDRA MARINE SANCTUARY (RONDA BAY): Descending along a slope, at about 20 meters we reach the drop off. On the wall one of the most beautiful gorgonian forests in the whole area mixed with big black coral bushes. Very often the cute long nose hawk fish are seen here. On the dive nice coral formations with many bigger groupers and sweetlips.

PESCADOR ISLAND:  For more experienced divers the sites around Pecador Island offer spectacular wall diving with the chance of big fish schools, sometimes sharks and barracudas. Beautiful coral gardens with a large variety of coral fishes, very often giant frogfishes and turtles.  Cathedral Cave is an exciting vertical tunnel to dive through starting from 15 down to 35 meters. Pescadora Island occasionally witnesses massive school of sardines that can obscure the light. Like the Sardine Run of South African, predators, including schools of jacks, tuna, mackerel and the occasional thresher shark, are drawn to the event. These events do not occur on a regular basis and are not predictable.

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