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Bali Diving Holidays

Diving Holidays In Bali

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Bali for few years has been awarded 'the world best island' by The International Travel Magazine. There, however, are still many people who do not know in depth about the uniqueness of Bali and what a magical and unique place this is.

Discover the epitome of laidback luxury on our holidays to Bali; an idyllic island, encircled by brilliant turquoise waters boasting white-sand beach retreats and beautiful boutique hotels. A holiday to Bali will have you mesmerised by the natural beauty, unrivalled hospitality and the unique serenity this incredible island embodies.

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Diving In Bali

Indonesia’s southern island chains mark the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire and fall across the Coral Triangle, the most diverse marine region on the planet. The inverted triangular shaped island of Bali is seperated in the north west from Java by the Bali strait and to the south east the Lombok Strait seperates Bali from Lombok and it contains the Islands of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and the Gili Islands. These straits link the Indian and Pacific Oceans and huge flows of water funnel through them shaping Bali's diving and creating ideal conditions for an increadable array of marine species.

We describe the diving around Bali based on the region. We don't offer diving in the south except for learn to dive courses. You may wish to base yourself in the south but do expect to travel each day to get to the better diving. Alternatively you could base your self close to Bali's best diving off Bali's East Coast, around Bali's North East Corner or in Bali's remote North West Corner.

Descriptions of the diving around the islands off Bali's south east coast: For Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan go to our Nusa Lembongan diving holiday pages. For the Gilis diving go to our Gili Islands and Lombok diving holiday pages. For a liveaboard sailing from Bali visit our Indonesia Liveaboard pages.

The Diving Off Bali's South East Coast

Along Bali's South East Coast are Padang Bai and Candidasa. Padang Bai is approximately one hour by road from Sanur. Diving from local day boats, Jukung, takes between 20-30 minutes to reach the dive sites. Morning and afternoon diving are normally offered returning to shore for lunch. Diving here includes sites like Gili Biaha; Gili Mimpang; Gili Tepekong; Turtle Neck; Blue Lagoon; The Jetty. 

Padang Bay site Pura Lie lies 50 metres off shore directly in front of the shrine after which it was named. The reef starts as a shallow ledge at a depth of 10 metres. Swim further to sea, and a slope will take you down to 20 metres, after which a sandy bottom levels out at 40 metres.

The Diving In Bali's North East Corner

Tulamben is approximately two hours north east from Sanur by road, Diving here is from shore. Normally diving is single tank morning and afternoon diving. Long distance dive excursions are also offered, including trips to Nusa Lembongan, but this involves travelling some distance. Tulamben sites include the Tulamben USAT Liberty Shipwreck (perhaps Bali's most famouse dive site); Coral garden; Drop Off; Seraya Secret, At the east end of the beach is the Tulamben Wall. The wall drops off to 60 metres, has large barrel sponges and plenty of fish life.

Just down the road from Tulamben, Amed diving is normally by boat with dive sites 5-20 minutes away. Diving is often doen as a 2 tank mrining dive with the option to dive in the afternoon also available. Amed dive sites include Deep Blue; Banyning Bay; Japanese Wreck; Ghost Bay; Jemelur; Gili Selang. The east side of the north facing shallow bay of Cemeluk has dense stands of sloping staghorn corals, teeming with cardinalfish. The west side of the bay offers some quite contrasting Bali scuba diving. Here, you'll start in the shallow coral flats with scattered bommies and metal artificial reef crates on the grey sand bottom.

The Diving In Bali's North West Corner

Around eight kilometres off the north west coast in Barat National Park lies Deer Island, or Menjangan, one of the more popular Bali scuba diving destinations. Due to its protected location, waves are rarely a problem and the visibility is occasionally mind blowing. Floras and faunas: nice soft and hard corals, huge sea fans, nudibranchs, eagle rays, lion fish, blue spotted rays, garden eels, black and white tip reef sharks, turtles and the occasional whale shark. White sandy bottom.

One of the underestimated dive sites in Bali, is Puri Jati at the North-West side of the island.  BIDP's experienced diveguides will do their best and will try to spot everything interesting. For the patient underwater photographer this is a great place to find macro life in a black sand 'Muck Dive'. Flora and Fauna includes mimic octopus, blue ringed octopus, coconut octopus, flying gurnards, sea moths, blue eyed sting fish, frog fish, hairy frog fish, stargazer, dragonets. 

Close to the small Balanese village of Gilimanuk, in northwest Bali, are the calm waters of Secret Bay. Although not in the same league as other muck diving destinations such as Lembeh Strait, this Bali dive spot has a fair collection of its own treasures waiting to be discovered; it's definitely worth a dive or 2.

Around two kilometres to the east of Pemuteran (Permuteran) and a couple of kilometres offshore lies Napoleon Reef. This submerged reef rises to 5 metres from the surface and slopes down to 30 metres to the north, providing some easy paced scuba diving in north west Bali.

Diving Season In Bali

The average temperature hovers around 30°C year-round. There are dry and wet seasons - dry from April to October and Wet from October to March - but it can rain at any time of year and even during the wet season rain is likely to pass quickly. In general, the best months are April to September, when humidity is lower and the rain is light and infrequent. 

Activities & Nightlife

Night life in Bali has something for everyone whether you are waiting for a romantic meal for two or you would like to party all night.

Sanur: In Sanur you can lean back on a comfortable lounger, chat with friends and fellows, drink a glass of martini, and chill out to live smooth jazz sounds.

Kuta The nightlife scenery in Kuta typically starts late - approximately 23:00 to midnight with bars and pubs offering different ambiances and types of entertainment. A few clubs and bars showcase live bands, sexy dancers, DJ's and ‘fashion shows’.

Legian has some of Bali’s favourite bars and clubs. Also having its own astounding sunset. From beach parties to snug lounges, from  live blues to scratching turntable beats, just mention it and your driver will deliver you at its doorways.

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