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Galapagos Diving Is The Adventure Of A Lifetime And One Of The Last Places In The World Where You Can Go Diving With Large Schools Of Hammerheads. It Has Been Said That If When The Young Charles Darwin Visited The Galapagos He Had Been Diving He May Have Never Left. The Galapagos Is The Second Largest Marine Reserve In The World And Though Located Directly On The Equator It’s Sits At The Convergence Of Cold Water Currents From Antarctica And The Warm Waters Of The Tropics. Diving In These Waters You Will Discover A Unique Environment Where Cold And Warm Water Species Coexist. On Shore This Unique Mix Of Climates Is Best Characterized By Galapagos Penguins Living Only A Few Feet Away From Tropical Pink Flamingos. The Galapagos Are Volcanic Islands That Benefit From Equatorial upwelling Making It An Ideal Marine Environment. These Waters Are Rich With Nutrients. The Porous Lava Rocks Provide Small Fish With The Protection They Would Otherwise Receive From A Coral Reef, Which Are Few And Far Between In These Waters. Galapagos Diving Can Best Be Described As spectuacular - Home To Over 500 Species Of Fish And An Impressive Number Of Large Animals Sea Lions, Rays, Eels And Sea Turtles Are Seen On Almost Every Dive. With 27 Species Including Hammerheads And The Enormous Whale Shark Diving With Sharks Is Why People Come To Dive In The Galapagos Islands.


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Why You'll Love Diving In Galapagos-and-ecuador!

  • An eclectic mix of tropical and temperate marine species
  • Large schools of rays and sharks
  • Topside tours with giant tortoises and marine iguanas

Did you know...

97% of the Galapagos Islands are a national park and half of the land species found here are endemic to the islands. Until his death in 2012, the Galapagos was home to the sole remaining Giant Pinta tortoise in the world. The islands were a major source of inspiration for Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.

On the equator some 950 Kilometres west of the Ecuadorian coast sit an isolated group of actively volcanic islands. The Galapagos Islands were, literally, put on the map in 1835 with the visit of Charles Darwin aboard HMS Beagle. Now a National Park of Ecuador, and UNESCO World Heritage site, the distinctive flora and fauna includes species found nowhere else on earth.

With 20 Galapagos Islands and many more islets, rocks and reefs, a dedicated Galapagos Islands liveaboard is essential to truly experience the best diving the Galapagos Islands have to offer. Despite its location on the equator a collision of oceanic currents produces a diverse mix of marine mammal & fish life and attracts large pelagic species, including a huge number of sharks and Rays.   
Diving the Galapagos Islands may be enough of an experience in itself. However a holiday here offers an ideal opportunity to extend your stay to take in the sites and adventures available on the Ecuadorian mainland. Extend your stay to take in cultural Ecuador, the Amazon or get active with some White Water rafting or Sea Kayaking. Alternatively our Andes and Islands tour neatly provides the opportunity for a taste of the diversity this wonderful country has to offer.
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