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The Nile, the temples, pyramids, the valley of the Kings and the Queens, these are the sites that truly put Egypt on the tourist map. Ancient Greeks, Christians, Romans, pharonic nations and Arab dynasties have all played their part in building Egypt’s impressive architectural and cultural heritage and Cairo’s medieval core. The Western desert extends infinitely into the Sahara, dotted with oases feeding quiet islands. South down the Nile are Luxor and Aswan with their Temples and ancient burial grounds.

Stretching from the dive sites of the Sinai Peninsula to the reefs of St Johns and the Sudan border, Egyptian waters enclose some of the Red Sea's finest diving. An extension of the Great Rift Valley the Egyptian Red Sea is famed for its mix of deep walls, gentle coral gardens and wreck graveyards.

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Why You'll love Diving in Egypt !

  • Dive itineraries to suit every diver
  • Legendary Dive sites like Ras Mohamed, Brother Islands and St Johns
  • World Class wreck diving on the Thistlegorm, Salem Express, Rosalie Moller and more

El Gouna is home to 14 spectacular hotels built along 10 kilometers of beachfront and spreads across islands interlinked by lagoons. Neighborhoods of attractive villas and apartments bustle with the activity of entrepreneurs, artists, environmentalists, sports enthusiasts and other individuals and families from all over the world who have made El Gouna their permanent or vacation home. The town is easily accessed from Europe via the nearby Hurghada International Airport and boasts a superb infrastructure and excellent services as well as natural beaches and year-round sunshine.

El Gouna is immaculately maintained and has a wide variety of activities and entertainment options, world-class cuisine and an exciting nightlife. It is also the ideal jumping-off point to experience the many historical, archeological and cultural treasures of Egypt. These aspects, as well as the stunning astounding and architectural beauty of the resort, combine to make El Gouna the Red Sea’s premier leisure destination.

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Historically speaking, Egypt is not only one of the world's oldest civilizations but probably also one of the oldest holiday destinations in the world. The ancient Greeks, Romans and others came here to rest and recuperate. There is much more in Egypt than pyramids and monuments - windsurfing and scuba diving in the Red Sea, for example, vibrant night spots, luxury hotels and restaurants. Egypt is a rewarding cultural experience. Nowadays, besides the gigantic pyramids from the era of the Pharaohs, we find modern wonders of the world such as the huge Aswan Dam, which has given the Upper Egyptian Nile Valley a new face. Marsa Alam is Egypt's unfinished rare diamond, just waiting to be shaped. With the beautiful Wai El-Gemal National Park, Marsa Alam is an unspoilt protected area, appealing to nature orientated people. It is not uncommon to see turtles coming to lay their eggs on the beach!

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Soma Bay is a luxury holidays resort on the Red Sea Coast in Egypt at 45 kilometers south of Hurghada International Airport, the ten million square meters, self-contained community of Soma Bay is surrounded on all sides by the sea. It boasts year round sunshine and mild temperatures. Unique to Soma Bay are it's white sandy beaches and panoramic views of desert mountains.
The resort offers a combination of a high standard hotels and a quiet relaxing location. The resort is spit into 2 areas: Abu Soma (to the south of the main bay) and Soma Bay (the main resort on the North side).
Soma Bay is a secluded spot for those wishing to just relax in luxury if not on the water. However, there are a variety of excursions, tours and day trips to the interior of this fascinating country. Egypt is probably the world's oldest civilization having emerged from the Nile Valley around 3,100 years ago. This "Gift of the Nile", as described by Herodotus, boasts a longer recorded history than any other country on earth. A country of legends and mysteries, the birthplace of ancient civilization with a third of the world's most magnificent and awesome monuments and treasures. 


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The Egyptian Red Sea cannot be beaten for value for money - within a five hour flight you have access to some of the best diving in the world with a selection of fabulous hotels and liveaboards. We specialise in Egypt, not just in the dive spots but we also have intensive knowledge of the interior of the country. Many of us have lived and worked in the area for many years so please do call for some first hand advice and recommendations.

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