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The Dutch Antilles Are A Group Of Charming Islands Located In The Caribbean Sea; And As One Of The Better Diving Destinations, They Will Allow You To Discover A Wide Diversity Of Underwater Flora And Fauna. The Dutch Antilles Tropical Climate And Warm Weather All Year Round Make It A Perfect Place For Your Next Diving Holiday. They Are World Renowned For Their Excellent Scuba Diving And Are Consistently Rated Among The Best Diving Locations In The World. Prepare To Witness Some Of The Most Bizarre And Fantastic Aquatic Life That Will Certainly Take Your Breath Away. Divers Are Treated To A Unique Experience With Some Of The Most Beautiful Underwater Life On The Planet Including Sharks, Rays, Eels And Giant Sea Turtles.

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Why You'll Love Diving In Dutch-antilles!

  • Tropical climate and warm weather all year round make it the perfect diving destination
  • Divers are treated to a unique experience with some of the most beautiful underwater life on the planet including sharks, rays, eels and giant sea turtles

Did you know...

The Dutch Antilles cover a total land area of 800 square kilometres and the majority of the population lives on the island of Curacao. Once the centre of the Caribbean slave trade, Curacao now derives its wealth from its oil refineries. 

Bonaire, and its small sister island Klein Bonaire, is one of three islands in the Caribbean making up the Dutch Antilles or ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) and is one of the least tourist-developed and visited of the islands, yet both on land and under the sea, one of the most striking in the Caribbean. It is located just north of Venezuela, south of the hurricane belt offering a year round stable climate.

If you are looking for your first dive experience, Bonaire may be the perfect place for it. In the island has been established one of the firsts marine park in the Caribbean, so that you can enjoy diving surrounded by a wide variety of fish in a beautiful natural undersea world. This does not mean that Bonaire is only a place for beginners. But it is still a perfect destination for families, which can enjoy the environmental learning programs, guided group tours and sporting activities. In the favorite diving spot of the Caribbean.
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Aruba is situated in the heart of the southern Caribbean, just 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela. It is 19 miles long and 6 miles across, at its widest point, with an area of approximately 70 square miles. Aruba is a stunning island, with picturesque beaches, and renowned friendly locals. This flat island is multicultural and has some splendid scenic beaches. 

Aruba is a great diving holiday destination for honeymooners and all levels of diver. The coastline around Aruba is also home to some of the best wrecks in the Caribbean. With warm temperatures and fantastic underwater visibility, it is a diver's paradise. Aruba is the perfect choice for anyone travelling with non-diving partners and family members as there are so many activities to enjoy on the island. 

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Curaçao has become one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean for discerning travelers. A paradise for scuba divers and nature lovers alike. Its ruggedly beautiful landscape provides endless opportunities for fun. Conquer the island’s open spaces and enjoy exhilarating hiking and biking. Immerse yourself in mysterious and colorful underwater worlds at more than 60 diving locations. Relax on beaches, both intimate and secluded. Explore Curaçao’s crown jewel – the capital city, Willemstad – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a lively port full of high-end retailers, restaurants and nightlife spots. Whatever you’re looking for, Curaçao promises you a magnificent travel experience.

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