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Why You'll Love Diving In Sulawesi!

  • Pristine corals with great visibility - your dream diving destination
  • Barefoot luxury with a brilliant centre and hotel
  • A diverse array of activities suitable for non-diving family members or partners

Diving Holidays In Sulawesi

Known by the Portuguese as Celebes, the island of Sulawesi is one of the four large Sunda Islands of Indonesia, one of the largest and most northerly in the Indonesian archipelago, separated from Borneo to the west, by the Celebes Sea & Makassar Strait. Sulawesi lies on the Australasian side of the Wallace Line with the Molucca & Banda Seas and the Gulf of Tomini to the east.

Formed by fire, Sulawesi's four large peninsulas are mountainous and volcanic, with lush vegetation and offshore islands fringed by coral reefs. Off the western tip of North Sulawesi are the Bunaken Marine Reserve and Bangka Island. Off the peninsular's northeast side is the Lembeh Strait. Bunaken and Lembeh can be combined to experience the best of both in one holiday. Extend your holiday and fly via Java to explore its temples and volcanoes, or via Singapore and add a city stay.

The diving in southern Sulawesi is more remote and offers great visibility. It is either accessed by liveaboard or land-based from Wakatobi Resort. 

Diving Sulawesi

The resort we work with in Sulawesi is located in a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, home to one of the most bio-diverse marine ecosystems on earth. The area commonly known as Wakatobi lies within the Tukang Besi island group, in Indonesia’s Southeastern Sulawesi region. These islands encompass some of the planet’s most productive and pristine reefs and coastal shallows. The title Wakatobi is an acronym derived from the first two letters in the names of the group’s four major islands: Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko. 

Wakatobi was founded with the vision to deliver the ultimate dive experience. The location was created following an extensive search to identify the perfect site for a dive resort in terms of geography, climate, oceanic topography and marine biodiversity. To ensure its future, the founders created the world’s largest private protected marine park. The Collaborative Reef Conservation Program is a shining example of community involvement, creating both tangible benefits for the local community and reefs that are protected, pristine and rich in life. New species are still being discovered in Wakatobi.

The entire Wakatobi region has been turned into a sustainable protected marine park. The local village and surrounding communities have enthusiastically adopted the conservation plan and as a result, illegal fishing, reef walking and other activities detrimental to the coral reef have been halted. A portion of Wakatobi’s guest revenues are given to the local community to maintain and support a sustainable lifestyle that fosters stewardship and respect for the coral reef ecosystem.

Wakatobi is an ideal place for snorkellers and freedivers. The house reef offers a convenient and beautiful snorkeling venue populated with a myriad of marine creatures. In addition, many dive sites have exquisite shallow coral growths that are ideal for surface exploration. Snorkellers and freedivers receive the same level of support as divers, including assistance with gear, fresh towels, snacks and camera support and in-water guide and monitoring services. All dive sites are rated for suitability for snorkelling based on the reef topography.

Wakatobi offers the underwater photographer or videographer a wealth of imaging opportunities and settings, ranging from dramatic drop offs, breathtaking coral gardens and pinnacles for wide angle shots down to the most minute and rare exotic marine creatures for macro fanatics. The exuberant vitality of the reef systems means that each dive will deliver awesome stuff to fill the viewfinders of every photographer from casual shooters to photo pros.

Getting There

Direct charter flights from Bali to Wakatobi’s private airstrip provide the most convenient and time-efficient way to reach the resort. Following a restful overnight stay in Bali, this 2.5-hour flight provides generous luggage allowances, VIP transit lounge privileges, and includes all taxes and surcharges. Guests are met at the airport and transferred directly to the resort by way of a short van and boat ride, with staff handling all logistics of luggage transfer and delivery to your accommodation.


Guests here can do more than just dive. A range of recreational activities and programs are available to enrich each guest’s stay and to ensure that their holiday is a fulfilling experience. Water sports include kayak tours, paddleboarding and kitesurfing lessons. Ashore, there are activities from Indonesian cooking classes and fish behavior seminars to nature walks and a kid’s club.

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Planet Dive gave us lots of options on the resorts, how to plan the dual-base holiday, land options, etc. We enjoyed the diving - the guides were very good - providing details of what creatures we were looking at on underwater slates. At Siladen, I was somewhat concerned that they didn't expect you to analyse the nitrox mix yourself (one day we didn't even have an analyser available on our boat). Lembeh Resort has a good photo centre. The general arrangements were good - everything was taken care of for us.


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