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For almost two decades, Mozambique's attractions were inaccessible. Those dark times are in the past, and Mozambique is one of Africa’s up-and-coming hot-spots, Mozambique's 2,500km of coastline is waiting to be discovered. Stunning beaches, magical offshore islands, and excellent watersports. Sail on a dhow through mangrove channels, laze under the palms in a remote archipelago or join an off-beat safari in some of the most remote unexplored destinations.

In Southern Mozambique, the infrastructure is more in place with great restaurants and bars while accommodation options abound, but for more adventure, head into the wilds of Northern Mozambique for a Robinson Crusoe experience like nowhere else on earth. Getting around here takes time, and money, but the paradisiacal coastal panoramas and sense of space make the journey a unique, worthwhile experience.

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Why You'll love Diving in Mozambique !

  • A delightful eco-holiday destination with warm azure waters, untouched coral reefs and white sandy beaches
  • An astounding diversity of marine species including dolphins, turtles and even humpback whales
  • Unexplored reefs and untouched diving destinations

The northerly town of Pemba, which is situated at the mouth of a large bay of the same name, is the getaway to the islands of Northern Mozambique. Pemba Bay is considered to be the world largest inland bay and it is 375 sq km in size with beautiful blue water that is uniformly 24 metres deep.

There has never been much trading activity at Pemba with the result that there is not much industry at Pemba and this has proved beneficial as the natural beauty has been kept and the magnificent beaches are not polluted.

In this remote corner of the world you can expect secluded islands, a rich underwater world, crystal clear water, interesting cultural and historical sites and amazing fresh seafood. It's a relatively unexplored destination with a scenic beauty that is akin to that of an undiscovered and undeveloped Maldives. 

The Quirimbas archipelago lies to the north of Pemba, running up to the Tanzanian border, and is home to a variety of exclusive, hard to reach luxury holiday resorts - and that is part of the charm. These romantic beach resorts offer a hidden escape that few places in the world could possibly hope to achieve. You can expect well run, service orientated establishments where your ever whim is catered for and empty stretches of beach for you to enjoy all to yourself are not hard to find.

And when you are done lazing around with a good book next to your own private plunge pool you can enjoy amazing scuba diving experiences, peaceful dhow cruises, or visits to the historical sites and Portuguese villas of Ibo Island.

Combine your luxurious getaway to Northern Mozambique with a fantastic safari experience for the best bush and beach holiday money can buy.

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Tofo is located in Southern Mozambique, in an area famous for its pristine waters and untouched coastline. Tofo offers some of the best diving in the world and is famous for having one of the biggest whale sharks populations in the world. Unlike other dive destinations around the world, Tofo is relatively undeveloped so the dive sites here are not overcrowded and still maintain their natural beauty. The lack of commercialism is part of the experience and one of the reasons to go to Tofo. 

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