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Located in the southern Caribbean, just off the coast of Venezuela. Diving in Trinidad & Tobago is centered around the countries second island of Tobago. Speyside is amazing for Pelagic as well as Blacktip Sharks and large Tarpon. Tobago offers a variety of coral and fish life like Nurse Sharks and Morays. The multi coloured corals and sponges twisted and sculpted by the currents cover the reef. For every levels, Tobago is the place to dive. The currents vary in strengh from site to site so from  novice to the most experienced, there is an experience to live.

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Why You'll love Diving in Trinidad And Tobago !

  • A typical Caribbean setting with turquoise water and white sandy beaches
  • View elusive hammerhead sharks
  • Exciting diving on the Atlantic coast with pelagics and fast drift dives

Tobago Diving is found on both Caribbean and Atlantic coasts. Diving on the  Caribbean coast tends to be the easier diving Tobago has to offer though sites like Sisters Reef  offer many attractions including a chance to view the elusive hammerhead sharks. On the Atlantic coast Speyside draws divers for the chance of pelagic species such as Tarpon and Mantas as well as strong drift dives, which add to the excitement of diving here.

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