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Why You'll love Diving in Gozo !

  • Beautiful clear and warm waters with drop offs, caves, tunnels, grottos, and spectacular underwater scenery
  • A great place for learners and inexperienced divers
  • Over 50 sites offering something for everyone

Diving Holidays In Gozo

It's the beautiful clear and warm waters that attract divers from around the world, to enjoy drop offs, caves, tunnels, grottos, and spectacular underwater scenery which Gozo diving is renowned for. Especially when combined with Gozo's profuse marine life you will not be disappointed.

The Dive Sites In Gozo

Gozo's water clarity and stable conditions is what makes the island a great place for learners, and inexperienced divers. However the tunnels, caves, and arches will ensure even experienced divers are more than satisfied.

Gozo has over 50 dive sites, with something for everyone, even the sites which are great for beginners still offer really interesting diving, which are sure to get beginners hooked.

The Blue Hole

A naturally formed rock formation which was created over centuries of wind and wave power. The huge arch starts at 8 metres and has a flat top covered in golden cup coral. You can also explore a large cave at the bottom of the whole, where sea horses are regularly found.

Cathedral Cave

This dive site is best explored by a boat, here you can find damselfish and sometimes sea horses. The best part of this site however is the huge vault where you can surface.

Zurziep Reef

This site is best dived in the afternoon by boat, with the light from the west. This area is rarely fished and shoals of bream are found here along with large numbers of amberjacks, parrotfish, wrasse, damselfish and sand smelt. There are also plenty of shallow caves which host cardinalfish and various species of anemone.

Xlendi Bay Tunnel

This cave is popular at night as it is an easy but nice dive in shallow water - popular with less experienced divers, and is a great first time cave adventure. The cave walls are brilliantly coloured with golden zoanthids, red starfish and sponges, and green and purple algae, and plenty of bristle worms. Pink flabellina and Hervia are also regularly seen. During the winter months a small school of juvenile barracuda may seek shelter at the entrance of the cave.

The Nightlife In Gozo

As the island of Gozo is so small, 17km by 14km, you could visit a different town each night, where you will find an abundance of traditional restaurants and bars, along with fancy wine bars, and clubs open until late. The towns in Gozo are beautiful and traditional in the day, and come alive in the evenings.

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