A diving holiday to Portugal may be to dive the wrecks on the mainland along the Algarve coast. But for world class diving you have to travel into the Atlantic to a small collection of islands, The Azores. A set of nine Atlantic Ocean islands, located due west of Portugal, about a third of the way to the USA. The nine islands were formed by ancient volcanoes which left their mark upon the stunning landscapes. The hills and mountains are often rich in vegetation and have a surprise around each corner maybe a deep crater, a sparkling lagoon, a steaming geyser, a sea of flowers or an incredible view over the ocean.

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Why You'll love Diving in Portugal !

  • Numerous underwater arches, tunnels, caves, and cliffs for underwater photography
  • Pico has a fascinating history, adding to the experience on the island
  • A vast array of activities to keep non-diving partners and families entertained