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Best Diving Season


Why You'll Love Diving In Tofo!

  • A remote, secluded coast with a variety of dive sites
  • Great sightings of whale sharks, manta rays and turtles all year round
  • Humpback whales are a seasonal visitor to Tofo

Holidays To Tofo

Tofo is located in Southern Mozambique, in an area famous for its pristine waters and untouched coastline. Tofo offers some of the best diving in the world and is famous for having one of the biggest whale sharks populations in the world. Unlike other dive destinations around the world, Tofo is relatively undeveloped so the dive sites here are not overcrowded and still maintain their natural beauty. The lack of commercialism is part of the experience and one of the reasons to go to Tofo. 

Diving In Tofo

Tofo is a global diving hotspot, home to two species of manta, all 5 species of turtle, two species of dolphins, whale sharks, humpback whales (June-Nov), giant and bowmouth guitarfish, many species of shark including white tip reef and leopard sharks, many stringray species including the smalleye stingray and more. The dive sites in Tofo also offer a myriad of macro species, including shrimp, crabs and countless nudibranch species.

The dive sites in Tofo are all located away from the shore. You will access the dive sites via boat and once you have pushed the pontoon boat past the breakers, there are several close spots suitable for beginners while the far reefs are more suitable for advanced divers to discover the underwater paradise of Mozambique.

The visibility and currents in Mozambique are unpredictable. The visibility in the winter months tends to be worse (down to 5m), although it is still possible to have fantastic days of 15m+! Along with better visibility (up to 40m+), the water temperature is warmer (up to 28 degrees) in the summer from December until April. Generally, 5mm wetsuits are worn all year round, with hoods and extra rash vests in the winter.

Getting There

Tofo is located in Mozambique, 560km north of Maputo, only 15 minutes from Inhambane. To get there requires a six-hour drive from Maputo or a short transfer from Inhambane. With direct flights from Johannesburg and Maputo to Inhambane, your beach holiday in Tofo is easily combined with a safari in South Africa.

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Best Diving Season

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