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Why you'll love diving in Oman!

  • Dive the remote Hallaniyat islands and the wreck of the British warship, City of Winchester
  • Be the only liveaboard on this enire stretch of Indian Ocean coast
  • Get up close and personnel with the gentle giants, humpback and Blue whales

Top regions in oman

The Musandam peninsula is separated from the rest of Oman by a stretch of the United Arab Emirates. The Musandam peninsula has remained isolated from the rest of Arabia and is still very remote. Sparsely populated by the Shihuh tribe, who for centuries have been eking a precarious existence from the seas. Some of their villages are only accessible by sea the capital of Musandam is Khasab accessible by road.

Geographically, the area is a huge pale limestone massif characterised by large strata crossed saw tooth mountains which dramatically descend into the sea. The coastline itself carved into spectacular fjord like sunken valleys (khwars) giving Musandam its other name of the Norway of Arabia. The stunning scenery above the surface is reflected underwater by impressive drop offs and an incredible diversity of healthy corals, encouraging strong currents.

Planet Dive Holidays offer the two best locations in this part of Oman, Khasab in the North (at the Khasab Musandam Hotel), and Zighy Bay in the South East (at the Six Senses Luxury Resort). Planet also offers combinations of these two resorts, plus tailor-made tours to include many other parts of Oman, both inland and by the ocean. To get the very best of the diving in Oman Planet Dive Holiday also offers two Oman liveaboards, which can also be combined with hotels and tours.

If you are considering a diving holiday to Oman we suggest calling and speaking to a Oman Dive Holiday expert. We have a huge amount of first hand knowledge of this stunning country, so you can be sure to get the best holiday arranged for this complex location.  

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Muscat, the capital of Oman, is a large coastal city flanked by some truly stunning mountain scenery and beautiful pristine coastline. With daily direct flights from London, and many other European international airports, this region is especially suitable for families who prefer easy travel. Oman is also a very safe, moderate and friendly country, a top consideration for many travelers. 

There are broadly three options for a scuba diving holiday in the Muscat region of Oman. Stay close to the Muscat where you will find some beautiful new elegant luxury hotels, both family-friendly properties, and tranquil elegant retreats. Head a little South to the Sifah area for some beautiful scenery and a great value boutique hotel. Head a little North to Mussanah for a great value beach resort and superb watersports. For the dive enthusiast, probably the very best diving in the whole of Oman is at the Daymaniyat Islands, just 45 minutes by fast boat from some of the Muscat properties, as well as Mussanah. Whale Sharks can be seen on most dive trips to these islands from September to November!

To get the most out of a visit to Oman we strongly recommend combining your beach stay with a visit to some of the interior of the country, perhaps to one of the luxury mountain retreats, or even to a desert camp. Planet Dive Holidays have a huge amount of experience and knowledge regarding travel and scuba diving in Oman, and have personally checked all of the properties we offer. In the first instance, we would suggest calling and speaking to an Oman luxury travel expert.  

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The Dhofar coast represents the perfect balance of a glorious past and the modernity splendor. The vestiges of past ages enchant tourists and bring them back to another time. There are three archeological sites and traces of an ancient wall and fort ruins witness to its past prosperity, whereas the streets of modern Salalah reflect the progress and the achievements of Oman.

The town of Salalah, known as the 'Perfume Capital of Arabia', is situated in the Dhofar region, in the southern part of Oman. Salalah has not only picturesque ruins to offer: the natural attractions of the nearby mountains and abundant stands of Frankincense trees, many landscaped gardens and parks, make the city a favoured resort for tourists. Mirbat one another in the chain of former frankincense small port towns along the Dhofar coast.

The Dhofar coast is exposed to the Indian Ocean's South East monsoon creating a micro-climate for lush green vegetation and spectacular waterfalls, Baobab and coconut trees, contrast with the barren 'Empty Quarter Desert', Rub' al Khali.

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