Diving Holidays In Palau

Flanked by deep sea trenches and famous for some legendary wall dives Palau lies on the South Pacific's western edge. Sites like Ngemelis Drop-off, with large pelagics, schooling fish out in the blue and often a good current for drift dives have gained particular note Yet with over 50 World War II wrecks lost in the lagoon and unique sites like Jellyfish lake, Chandelier Cave and the rock islands, Palau has plenty more to tempt traveling divers.

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The Diving In Palau

Palau is world renown for marine bio-diversity and an abundance of large pelagic animals that includes schools of sharks and lots of manta rays. The warm clear tropical waters are legendary amongst divers for dramatic coral encrusted walls rising from the depths to within inches of the surface. Home to over 1,300 species of fish and more than 700 species of coral, Palau also offers exciting wreck diving with one of the Pacific's largest collection of intact WWII shipwrecks and plane wrecks.

The Accommodation

There is a wide variety of accommodation on Palau and the outlying islands, ranging from first-class luxury resorts with most services, to the mid-priced bungalows and motels such as The Carolines Resort.  The Carolines Resort is a small boutique hotel with traditional Palauan bungalows and West Plaza Malakal, one of a series of good quality, locally owned hotels with huge rooms just a hop from the harbour so a good choice for pre- or post- liveaboard trips. While most resorts are located in Koror, there is quieter and more secluded accommodation available on the southern islands.

We recommend a liveaboard to experience the best dive sites of Palau.

The Nightlife

There are several open-air cocktail lounges, some offering live entertainment or karaoke.

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Top Recommended Luxury Hotels

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