Diving Holidays In Taveuni Island

Taveuni is known throughout Fiji as the "Garden Island of Fiji". It has a beautiful blend of tropical rainforest, reefs, beaches, highlands, coconut plantations and mangroves in a paradise setting. It is a volcanic island with plenty of fertile volcanic soil and is the third largest island in the Fijian group of 332 islands.
It is one of few places in the world (along with Rabe Island and Siberia) that lie on the 180 degree meridian, the point at which one day turns into the next. (However, for convenience, the international time zone has been conveniently "modified" so that it passes around the Fijian island group, instead of through Taveuni).
Length of the island is around 42 kms and is about 15kms wide, at its widest point. Taveuni is a unique island in the Fijian group. Approximately a third of the island has been declared a World Heritage National Park (Bouma National Park).

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Diving Seasons In Taveuni Island

Taveuni's weather can be described as humid and tropical.  Due to prevailing easterly Trade Winds, it is a few degrees cooler, on average all year round, than Suva and Nadi.  Even though Taveuni is a relatively small island, it has a varied climate, and can be wet on the eastern side and relatively dry in the southwest (around Vuna), with very little rainfall, especially during the dry season.
Like most tropical places around the world, Fiji has two distinct seasons, dry and wet.  The dry season runs from April through to October and the wet season starts in the other months.
The weather is tropical all year round, with only two seasons, wet and dry [dry from May- Nov].  The temperature is relatively stable throughout the year.  The maximum temperature ranges from an average of 27-30 deg.C and an average minimum temperature range is 22-24 deg.C.

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