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Dahab Scuba Diving Holidays

Diving Holidays In Dahab

Dahab is currently on 'stop sale' for to Foreign Office advising against travel to this region. We have alternative dive resorts in Egypt including El Gouna, Soma Bay and Marsa Alam

Extreme landscapes have a magical attraction to human beings. The geographical connection between Africa and Asia, the Sinai Peninsula, is characterised by such an extreme landscape. In Dahab, at the foot of the golden-brown mountains which stand silhouetted against an azure sky, you will be enchanted by a windy and adventurous vacation. A completely different planet - and only about five flying hours away!

Along the extremely beautiful beach promenade of Dahab Town, you will be offered traditional Egyptian or Western fare. There, you will also have an opportunity to browse the numerous bazaars. As Dahab is overall not too touristy, you will experience the traditional Egyptian lifestyle here, and also if you visit the Bedouin village of Ras Abu Galum. You can go to superb deserted beaches and snorkel at the countless reefs around Dahab. Simply let yourself hang loose. You will feel really far away from all civilization when you spend a night in the traditional Bedouin tent or, if you prefer, right under the stars. These starry skies, the unique wind conditions, the local hospitality and many other attractions are definitely not to be missed.

Our Insider Tips:

Make time to have Dinner at one of the numerous restaurants in Masbat and Assala. Definitely go snorkelling. Friday night, we recommend a trip to the fantastic "Nessima" open air discotheque or to the "Tota". Go on a fabulous excursion to the Bedouin camp of Ras Abu Galum, which can be reached by a 2 hour hike from the Blue Hole. There, you can visit an astounding deserted bay for snorkelling. Pay a visit to St. Catherine's Monastery and a climb up to Mt. Moses. Go diving at the well-known reefs of the Red Sea, and for the truly adventurous, take a ride through the desert on a camel or on horseback.

The Resort

A breathtaking coastline of sun-drenched beaches and crystal-clear water make Dahab a favourite among divers and travellers alike. Dahab's picturesque landscape, its spectacular mountain ranges and golden palm fringed bays make it an excellent resort for those seeking a quiet, relaxing holiday, away for the hustle and bustle of the busier resorts. The local area offers various places of interest that can be visited by camel or jeep. Dahab still holds its own atmosphere and character that is unique. You will experience while walking along the beach front, lined with coffee houses and bazaars, the radiant colours, the hustle and bustle, noise and aroma, that all comes together to make up Dahab.

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Diving In Dahab

The diving in Dahab is almost all straight in off the shore with no real currents or drops offs (except at the Blue Hole) to speak off. The main attraction for divers here is the variety of the underwater topography with its canyons and tunnels. For the more adventurous, a popular way to dive is on camel dive safaris which can be for between 1 and 3 days. It is a great way to explore some of this amazing coastline at its best - a quite amazing experience! Please note that on some of the deeper dive sites you can encounter colder undercurrents. Egypt can be visited year around with equally good diving.

Diving Seasons In Dahab

During the winter months of November to March the Red Sea coastal resorts of Egypt offer a very comfortable 22 - 28 c, perfect for a bit of winter sun. As you head into the summer season the temperature rises steeply, peaking to around 40c in August! However, the high temperatures are made more comfortable with very low humidity and a constant seas breeze. During the winter season we would recommend between 7 and 5 mm wetsuit but then only a 3mm shortie for the mid summer season.

Things To Do In Dahab

As the hotel standard around the main bay is generally quite high, non-windsurfing partners can indulge in relaxing in comfortable surrounding with good facilities on hand. This area of Egypt also offers a range of tourist attractions, the most notable being St Catharine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai (best visited on one of the sun rise trips), the coloured canyon and wadi trips. All tours are easy booked via your hotel. The Red Sea is one of the world's most incredible scuba diving destinations. There are many dive schools in the area offering all levels of courses as well as daily dive tours.

The Accommodation In Dahab

There are two principal areas to rest in Dahab; the Lagoon or Masbat (the local beach front town). We work only with hotels on the Lagoon as in Masbat the standard of accommodation is very basic. On the Lagoon you will find a handful of excellent 4 and 5 star hotels.

Nightlife In Dahab

Start with Happy hour as the sun goes down and after dinner try some of the other hotel bars along the beach or head into Masbat which is an exotic blend of Bedouins, Egyptians and backpackers. Here you will find many pubs, restaurants and bazaars. You can also join a trip out into the desert at night to a Bedouin Village for a meal and some stargazing..

Kids In Dahab

Dahab offers some of the most ideal conditions for children to learn and improve their windsurfing. Flat water and lighter winds in the early morning and later in the afternoon makes it easy for them to practice. The combination of great conditions, special equipment and experienced friendly instructors ensures both fun and success. The groups are very little so we can ensure safety, and offer a fun lesson where participants can get the feeling of this astounding sport.

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