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Why You'll Love Diving In Grand Cayman!

  • A true tropical island vibe with miles of uninterrupted beaches
  • Beautiful reefs, wrecks, and marine life
  • A great destination for a romantic getaway with your partner

Diving Holidays In Grand Cayman

500 years ago Christopher Columbus was luckily blown off course on one of his voyages, and instead of landing on Hispaniola he discovered the Cayman Islands. Back then the island was patrolled by giant sea turtles, hence the original name 'Tortugas'. Since those days a lot has changed, giant turtles no longer call the shots, and humans discovered the beautiful island and it's stunning dive sites. Yet the feeling of a bare tropical island still remains, with miles of uninterrupted beaches, and no big cities or crazy nightlife.

Diving here you will find some beautiful reefs, wrecks, and marine life. It’s a great place for a really relaxing holiday, with classy restaurants, delicious food and dinner cruises boasting amazing sunsets to spice up the evenings. The Cayman Islands is definitely a great place to take your partner.

Diving Seasons In The Cayman Island

Winter or summer, the temperature generally stays within the range of 25 – 30 degrees. The months with the least humidity and lowest temperatures are December through April.

May- October is generally the rainy season, and the hottest period in the year, which comes with more humidity. The dry season is between November-April, with March and April being the driest.

Diving In The Cayman Islands

There are numerous things to see underwater around the Cayman Islands such as,  pristine reefs, brightly hued sponges, corals and fans, and if your visiting at the right time, 5th, 6th and 7th night after the 9th full moon of that calendar year, you will have the opportunity for a night dive to see coral spawning.

Swimming with stingrays at ‘Stingray City’, which is suitable for all ages and levels.
Night dives, including ultraviolet night dives, an awesomely eerie experience.
One of the best has to be diving down to the Kittiwake Wreck, which was originally a Submarine Rescue vessel.

Things To Do In The Cayman Islands

Queen Elizabeth 11 Botanic Park- 60-plus acres of unspoiled wetlands, mahogany forests, with a stunning array of orchids, bromeliads, crotons, and hibiscus. The park has become the focus of a conservation program to protect the endangered Cayman Blue Iguana.
Booby Pond- on Little Cayman, which hosts the world's largest colony of red-footed boobies, or the Parrot Reserve on Cayman Brac, which is home to the endangered Cayman Brac Parrot.

You can go kayaking, or Paddle Boarding at night, to experience the bioluminescence, and witness the magical blue glowing water. The day time kayaking, and Paddle Boarding is also as good as it is at night time. With loads of excursions to beautiful areas off the coast, where you can also take your snorkel, swim with the brightly coloured fish, and see the beautiful healthy reefs that surround the Cayman Islands.

For travelers who like sport, but don't nessercarily want to snorkel, there are boat trips which include waterskiing and wake boarding. These trips also go to the amazing Stingray City.

Other activities include Parasailing, Snorkelling, Golf, Horse Riding along the beach, and swimming with dolphins.

Grand Cayman For The Family

The Cayman Islands is the perfect place for families, with so many activities that every family member can enjoy.

Kids from as young as 10 years old can learn to kitesurf in the ultra safe learning conditions. Diving is also perfect for the whole family.

There is a lot of really good quality self catering accommodation, directly on the beach which is great for families, especially with a car who are looking to explore the islands.

Other activities which kids will love are: swimming with dolphins, submarine adventures, snorkeling, Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking, and the famous sting ray city is a must for everyone visiting the Cayman Islands. At Sting Ray City you are taken out by boat to the masses of friendly stingrays, where you learn to feed them.

Drink And Dine In Grand Cayman

For the ultimate dining experience book a dinner aboard one of the luxury Catamarans, where you will be treated to delicious food, and a magnificent sunset. Alternatively, there are plenty of fine dining restaurants on the island, along with lively beach bars.

At many points throughout the year the island will celebrate festivals and events, which guarantee everyone has a great time. In November they have a 'Pirate Week' which includes fancy dress! January host the 'Cayman Cookout', May is packed with street parades for Batabano, and there is a massive sea swim in June called 'Flowers Sea Swim'. Along with these events, the Islands host many more throughout the year.

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