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Why You'll Love Diving In cape-verde!

  • A diver's paradise with wrecks, rich tropical underwater flora and a massive array of fish
  • A unique volcanic topography with rocky ridges, pinnacles, boulders, arches and caves
  • From February to June whales are often seen and you can see plenty of turtles from June - September

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Cape Verde is a small group of Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 1500 km south of the Canary Islands and 450 km off the western coast of Senegal..

Sal is characterized by a desert landscape and everyone who comes here is cast under its spell and plans to return. The Cape Verdeans call this phenomenon Sodade, which means yearning. The fun loving locals will shape your image of the Cape Verdes and their aim is to make your holidays in Sal an unforgettable experience. You do not need much to be happy - This saying could have originated on these islands. Fishing and enjoying music are the main activities of the inhabitants of the island.

Diving in Sal is a diver's paradise with wrecks to explore, rich tropical underwater flora and a massive array of fish including shoals of rockfish and bream, dolphins, turtles and sharks. With few coral reefs, the Cape Verde underwater topography is mostly volcanic lava rocky ridges, pinnacles and boulders, and great arches and caves.

For the more experienced a drive up to the north western coast to visit Buracona coastal area wich is full of unexplored caves and grottoes, is ideal for a half day outing. Adjacent to the Buracona Cave is a natural swimming pool. Perfect for an apres-dive picnic!

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The Republic of Cape Verde (Portuguese: Cabo Verde) is located on an archipelago off the western coast of Africa. The islands of the Cape Verde archipelago are windy, hilly, dry - almost lunar - and fairly sleepy. But there is beauty in the parched hills. And some of the islands are actually lush. There is also good hiking, lively nightlife and plenty of quiet corners to hide away in.

This is a fantastic new diving destination which is truly unspoilt and you can still have the luxury of a dive site to yourself. Although the coral life is pretty limited the fantastic visibility, variety of fish life and the possibility to dive wrecks, caves etc more than makes up for it.

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