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Why You'll love Diving in Truk !

  • One of the best shipwreck diving locations in the world
  • A great liveaboard destination
  • A large archipelago with mountainous islands surrounded by a string of islets on a barrier reef

Overview And History

The main area of Truk (or Chuuk) State is the Chuuk Lagoon, a large archipelago with mountainous islands surrounded by a string of islets on a barrier reef. The two major geographical and language divisions of the Chuuk Lagoon are Faichuuk, the western islands, and Namoneas, the eastern islands. Chuuk State further includes several more scarcely populated "outer island" groups.

During World War II, Truk pool was the kingdom of Japan's main place in the South Pacific theatre. A large portion of the Japanese fleet was based there, with its administrative center on Tonoas (south of Weno). Truk was the base for Japanese operations against Allied forces in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Right to its heavy fortifications, both natural and humanbuilt, the base at Truk was known to Allied forces for "the Gibraltar of the Pacific".

Operation Hailstone, raised by the United States in 1944, culminated in one of the most important nautical battles of the war at Truk. Twelve Japanese warships, thirty-two merchant ships and 249 aircraft were destroyed, although the more select warships had received advance warning and were even already at sea.

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Aaron at Planet Dive did a great job of booking our diving holiday. The hotel in Truk was perfectly nice. It was not 5 Star but I was not expecting that - the staff were friendly and it was clean and pleasant. The dive centres were brilliant. It was great fun. The only thing was that it was very expensive for me. I realise that this is due to the destination I chose and time I chose was expensive but that was my only struggle.


Truk, Micronesia

The Diving

Shipwrecks have fascinated divers from the earliest history of diving. The excitement of discovery combined with the thrill of descending down the anchor line as it Disappears into deep blue water is never far away from the wreck diver's heart.

The wrecks of Truk Lagoon cover many diverse interests. The history enthusiast can imagine the years did substantial thesis ships sat intact and crowded with equipment, supplies and men happening the thunderous engines. Divers can trek the decks of the ships and enjoy the colorful soft corals.

We recommend a liveaboard to experience the best dive sites of Truk.

Chuuk State Dive Permit, valid for 1 year, US$50 must be paid by every diver

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