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Why You'll love Diving in Gili Islands And Lombok!

  • More than 15 different dive spots and there are new reefs being explored all the time
  • Great opportunities for spotting sharks and mantas
  • Beautiful islands with picture perfect beaches and shimmering clear waters teeming with marine life

Diving Holidays In Gili Islands And Lombok

The Gili Islands are three idyllic atolls, off the coast of Lombok, where the sand is still powdery white, the water a clear sparkling turquoise, and the sunsets over Bali’s Agung in the west simply spectacular. All islands are surrounded by picture perfect beaches, shimmering clear waters teeming with marine life, offer spectacular view of majestic volcanoes in Bali and Lombok and host lively beach parties well into the early hours.

Gili Trawangan Island: Imagine all the things you would do on a perfect tropical holiday - walks along white sandy beaches, swimming in crystal clear waters, seaside BBQs, poolside cocktails, dancing by moonlight at crazy beach parties…. Now imagine that all this could be found on one ideal island…That island is Gili Trawangan!

Gili Air: it is the most overlooked of the three Gili islands in terms of development. However, that is all set to change as the market here is geared very much towards the budget traveller and tropical island explorer. A lot of visitors actually prefer the grass roots atmosphere of Gili Air and the feeling of really being part of a close knit local community.

Gili Meno: Set in the middle of the three islets lies the real Robinson Crusoe experience of the Gilis with some of the best beaches to be found. Gili Meno is the smallest of the three islands and by far the most peacefull and under created. Most visitors are attracted to Gili Meno for the lure of total escapism and it is therefore very popular with honeymooning couples and adventurous castaway types.

Diving Seasons In Gili Island

Equatorial climate with monsoon type weather. The rainy wet season lasts from about November to April and the dry season from May to October. The temperature hardly ever drops below 25 degrees while the water temperature remains constantly around 28 degrees. The rainy season is characterized by sudden, momentary downpour after which the fine weather comes back again.

The Diving Around Gili Islands And Lombok

Around the three Gili Islands are more than 15 different dive spots and there are new reefs being explored all the time. Some of the spots are more for advanced divers, but most are suitable for beginners.

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Nightlife In Gili Islands

Gili Trawangan has always known for being the ‘Party Island’ of the Gilis and there are numerous restaurants and bars open until 2pm along the main strip and the beach, however most kitchens close around 11pm.There are regular party nights with DJ’s spinning the latest hip hop, dance and house hits, they are rotated so there is just one party a night which can stay open till 4am.

Gili Air doesn’t have the full on party vibe of big brother Gili Trawangan but it still has enough entertainment to keep the average traveller smiling. In high season expect to stumble across the occasional psychedelic fluro Goa style’ beach party with raging techno beats that sometimes don’t stop for the best part of two full days!

There is very little pubs to be found on Gili Meno. Outside of meeting people staying at your guest house, your best chance for socializing is to walk up on a coast bonfire party. Most people looking for a party grab the one-hour boat over to Gili Trawangan.

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