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Freediving Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa is the perfect place to explore the incredible world below the waves without the need for artificial breathing devices! Combine a unique experience diving in the famous kelp forests around the Southern Cape, make friends with the seals, say 'hi' to the penguins and immerse yourself in one of the worlds premier freediving locations.

Combine world class free diving training with the vibrancy of this iconic city. 

The stunning temperate waters around Cape Town are full of stunning underwater landscapes that house incredible kelp forests full of marine life. These kelp forests are vast and easily accessible from the shore. Some of the best kelp forests can be found along the southwestern tip of the Cape Town Peninsula. Within these kelp forests you can be lucky enough to come across many of the fish species that school within the forests.

There are also many shark species that live within the forests including shy sharks, pyjama sharks, gully sharks and the larger cow sharks. The kelp forests are also home to one of the most inquisitive animals in the ocean, the Cape fur seal. For an even more up close and personal experience seals there are many boats that go out to Seal Island in Hout Bay. There are safe channels around the island where scores of young seals play in the water. The experience of diving with these animals is one you are sure to never forget.

Cape Town Diving Conditions

There are great dive conditions throughout the year in Cape Town. Along the south coast and in False Bay the water temperature in summer can reach up to 20 degrees celsius, however in winter the water temperature can drop to around 8 degrees celsius. Along the Atlantic ocean side of the peninsula the water temperature in summer can drop to about 10 degrees celsius. This is due to the up-welling of the deeper waters from the strong south-easterly wind that blows in summer. In the winter months the water temperature along this coast warms up to around 15-20 degees celsius. The water clarity is all dependant on wind and swell conditions and can vary on a day to day basis but the average visibility is around 8-10 meters.

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