Why You'll love Diving in Yap !

  • Yap is well known for its resident population of manta rays
  • Spectacular drop-offs that attract larger pelagics
  • A great cultural destination with a variety of things to explore and do

Diving Holidays In Yap

This island, one of the four island of the Federal State of Micronesia, is situated in the western part of Micronesia in the Caroline Island chain in the western Pacific Ocean. The four islands are all very close together and connected by a coral reef.

It is probably the most "traditional" island in Micronesia, with the local population still wearing the costumes they have dressed in for thousands of years. "Stone money" is still used.

The diving here is astonishing. Yap is well known for its resident population of manta rays which live here year round period. But there's a lot more to explore and discover than just the mantas. Coral abounds and supports a wide variety of marine life and there are spectacular drop-offs that attract larger pelagics.

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Your service was excellent and of course Kandooma is a wonderful resort. Our daughter completed her PADI Advanced course which was a big achievement for her and we all very much enjoyed the diving.


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Yap is the most intriguing island in Micronesia. It is a land steeped in ancient traditions, fascinating legends, and peopled by one of the most distinctive cultures in the Pacific. Attractions like a handmade seaside men's house, cultural village tours, huge, ancient stone money discs and atone money banks, handicraft making, marine life and mangrove forests highlight a visit to this remarkable outpost.

Dance is an art form in Yap. over dance, legends are passed down, history is recorded and entertainment is created.

This traditional life carries into the villages where fishing, sailing and weaving are still nowadays important parts of life. Grass skirts for the manhood and thu'us, a spirit of loincloth, for the men are the basic garb in the small towns that sit in relaxed settings around the island.

Diving With The Mantas

Yap is famous due to its clear waters spot schools of tuna, dolphins and reef fish are found in great number. Observing the greatly varied marine life has become a must for divers around the planet.

While the clear waters and sheer dropoffs indeed particularize Yap's diving, one fact stands dominant the move ahead. Yap is the world's foremost destination for seeing manta rays up close and personal. There is no particular place on earth where they can be seen on such a consistent basis all the year round.

The best time for diving is between December and April when the mantas are found on the western side of the island at M'il Channel. During the summer months they migrate to the eastern shores. This reliability has put Yap on the beginning of all lists of the world's principal diving attractions.

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