Why You'll love Diving in Baja California !

  • A great variety of marine life including whales sharks, three species of manta ray, sea lions and schooling hammerheads
  • A wide variety of underwater topography from granite reefs to caves and arches, soft corals and wrecks
  • Great nightlife and a variety of cultural activities

Diving Holidays In Baja California

Extending south from California the peninsula of Baja California slices off a slither of the Pacific Ocean creating a semi enclosed sea. The Sea of Cortez, bordered to the west by Baja California and to the east by the Mexican mainland, is open at its southern end permitting nutrient rich Pacific waters to flow in.

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My trip to Curacao was excellent. Everything was great, from the start – the seats on the flight to the hotel and transfer – all brilliant. Lions Dive did a fabulous job of looking after me – I think the best dive team I have experienced to date. A thoroughly lovely trip – thank you very much for suggesting and arranging for me.


Curacao, Dutch Antilles

Diving In Baja California

As seas go, the Sea of Cortez, the waters between Baja California and the Mexican mainland,  is quite small, just 1000 miles long by 100 miles wide. It is fed from the south by deep currents from the Pacific Ocean. The combination of very few streams or rivers bringing in fresh water and the evaporating effect of the hot Mexican sun leaves the Sea of Cortez more saline than the Pacific waters. These nutrient rich waters are brought to the surface where their path is blocked by the uninhabited islands and seamounts dotted along the length of the Sea of Cortez. This abundance of food supports a mix of fish and marine mammals including Whales Sharks, three species of Manta Ray, Sea Lions and Schooling Hammerheads. Inshore granite reefs form grottos, caves arches and swim throughs. Spotted by soft corals they house over 3000 marine species. If that’s not enough there are also wrecks. More than just objects of interest for investigation they form artificial reefs festooned in life.
One memory you are sure to take home is of the sealion colonies and having these extraordinary creatures play amongst you as you dive.

Diving Season In Baja California

The climate in Baja California is temperate and rather dry, with Tijuana receiving an average of 9 inches (235 mm) of rain annually, and Rosarito 11 inches (273 mm), mostly between December and March. The Sierra mountain range divides the state and at the higher altitudes in the center of the state there is more rain. This is Mexico's wine-producing area. Toward the south of the state there are desert areas, with scorching summers and cool winters.

Winter, and February in particular, is the Sea of Cortez’s low season due to stronger winds.  Whale sharks and other large pelagics, are generally seen between May and August. While great diving the summer, particularly August & September may bring Chubascos, or hurricanes, to the south.

Shopping In Baja California

We strongly recommend NOT buying from street vendors. When purchasing a product or hiring a service, make sure it is exactly what you requested regarding quality and service. You should always obtain a receipt or invoice as proof of purchase. Ask if the prices are in Mexican or U.S. currency. The sales and service tax, known as IVA (Value Added Tax), is 11% of the bill, hotels will also add a 2% transit occupancy tax to your room rate.

Nightlife In Baja California

Much of Baja California is considered to be a wild party destination by travelers, especially American travelers.  The biggest party city is Tijuana, which is located just across the border from San Diego.  Travelers come here to enjoy the bars and clubs in the area.  Throughout Baja California, there are a range of nightlife activities from the laidback to the letting loose. Travelers interested in dancing may wish to go to Lauh!, which is a popular disco where visitors can dance all night to local beats.  Another option is Sublime, which is a large dance club located in Ensenada
some suggestions:
You should always carry a valid ID when visiting bars or nightclubs. It’s unlawful to drink on the streets or in your car. Do not drink excessively, “smart drinking” is always recommended when visiting bars or nightclubs. If you plan on staying out late, make sure someone accompanies you. When going to a bar or nightclub, always be aware of what you are being served and never leave your drink unattended. You may be vulnerable when visiting the local“red light districts”, particularly if you are departing alone in the early hours of the morning.

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