Liveaboard Diving Holidays In Mexico

Diving Holidays in Mexico may be off the Caribbean coast, around the Yucatan Peninsula, or off the Pacific coast around Baja California and the oceanic Revillagigedo Islands, accessible only by Mexican Liveaboard.

Extending south from California the peninsula of Baja California slices off a slither of the Pacific Ocean creating a semi enclosed sea. The Sea of Cortez, bordered to the west by Baja California and to the east by the Mexican mainland, is open at its southern end permitting nutrient rich Pacific waters to flow in.

As the Pacific waters meet the hundred or so irregularly scattered small islands and sea mounts, rising out of the deep waters, the resulting upwelling supports an abundance of marine mammals and fish life, including the large pelagics. Whale sharks, schooling hammerheads, giant Pacific mantas are regulars. Inshore, granite reefs form grottos, arches, caves and swim throughs. Spotted with soft corals they support various species of reef fish and are the resting place for the occasional wreck. One memory you are sure to take home is of the sealion colonies and having these extraordinary creatures play amongst you as you dive.

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