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With Sandy Beaches, Turquoise Blue Waters And Coral Reefs, Malaysia Has Several Dive Sites Rated To Be Amongst The Top Ten In The World. Malaysia Is A Multi-ethnic, Multicultural And Multilingual Society. The Original Culture Of The Area Stemmed From Indigenous Tribes That Lived There, Along With The Malays Who Later Moved There. Malaysia Is Plenty Of Interesting Attractions; These Include The High-tech City Of Kuala Lumpur, Tropical Island Of langkawi, Colonial Hill Stations Of genting And Cameron Highlands, Numerous Astounding Beaches, National Parks, And The World's Oldest Tropical Rainforests. The Malaysian States Of sarawak And sabah On The Island Of Borneo Offer Wildlife And Cultural Experiences Found Nowhere Else In The World. You Can See Proboscis Monkeys, Flying Squirrels, Turtles And, Of Course, Orangutans During Your Visit. 

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Why You'll love Diving in Malaysia!

  • A wonderfully diverse island of spectacular mountains tropical rainforests and deserted coral beaches
  • A magnet for pelagics with magnificent walls rising 2000 meters from the sea bed
  • Great visibility and a vast array of dive sites

Did you know...

Local time has been adjusted in peninsular Malaysia a total of eight times, with the last adjustment being in 1982. It is reported that Malaysia has more than 1,000 species of plants with medicinal properties. Malaysia also has the highest number of royal families in the world with a total of nine.

Borneo lies 200 miles from the Malaysian peninsula across the South China Sea. This is a wonderfully diverse island of spectacular mountains, tropical rainforests, and deserted coral beaches. Beyond the beaches you will find some of Malaysia's finest diving. Off Borneo's west coast are the Borneo Banks which are a magnet for pelagics with magnificent walls rising 2000 meters from the seabed. The coral islands perched off the coast of Borneo are each fringed by shallow reefs and an incredible diversity of macro-life. 

Topside Malaysian Borneo boasts primal forests, ranging from shoreline mangrove to mountaintop oak. Rainforest covers almost three-quarters of the land, an area equivalent to almost the entire United Kingdom. One can walk for hundreds of miles in Malaysia under a continuous canopy of green, marvelling at an abundance of plant and animal species. A single half-kilometre plot of land in Borneo's lowland dipterocarp forest, can contain more than eight hundred different species of tree alone, not to mention a profusion of flowers, birds, ferns, and insects.
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