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Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents, where East meets West. Located in the eastern Mediterranean this outstanding island offers clear seas and warm waters.

Cyprus would make a good destination for divers who have a non-diving family with them and for those who just want to squeeze in a few dives whilst away. There is plenty to see above water and its history provides tourists with more than just a resort holiday.

Diving in Cyprus has a lot to offer, with caves, tunnels and wrecks. The jewel on the crown is the Zenobia wreck. It is considered within the 5 best wrecks in the world and is the one where more penetration dives can be achieved. Cyprus has a wide variety of colourful fish, sponges, coral, sea anemones, octopus, mussels and the ubiquitous sea urchin providing a spectacular picture. Sea turtles can be spotted regularly, thanks to a turtle conservation project that has increased their numbers around the island considerably.

Sea temperatures around the island OF Cyprus range from 16 to 27ºC, resulting in one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean, while the absence of plankton makes for great visibility.

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