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The best destinations for a family dive holiday

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The best destinations for a family dive holiday

A family dive holiday is the perfect way to combine a great break with a fun and exhilarating activity. Once your kids are old enough, diving is an excellent choice for family fun, allowing them to build confidence, learn new skills and explore the underwater world. Little ones can even enjoy introductory snorkelling activities and even if the whole family is not into diving as much as you, there are a variety of incredible destinations around the world that let you mix diving with a traditional family break. You can enjoy a few diving sessions, while the rest of the family hangs out on the beach, in the pool or enjoys one of the many other activities on offer.

Here are three of the top destinations for a family dive holiday:

The Maldives

Glistening blue waters, incredible beaches and a choice of more than 100 luxury resorts. It’s little wonder that the Maldives have become a dream holiday destination for many. Made up of more than 1,100 islands located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, you can explore deserted atolls along the archipelago’s 822 kilometre length. And enjoy the almost
consistent 30-degree daytime and 20-degree night time temperatures. As you might expect, the diving here is incredible, with unspoiled reefs and spectacular marine life. However, there is no shortage of other family activities to enjoy. Go deep sea fishing, kayak around the islands, jet or water ski, or work your core on a paddle board. Or you can pamper yourself at a yoga and wellness spa.

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Another of the world’s most desired holiday destinations, the cultural melting pot of Mauritius wears its French, English, African and Arabian heritage with pride. It’s also ringed by some of the best dive sites in the world. And, with direct flights available from the UK, it’s relatively easy to get to. The diving here is ideal for both beginners and more advanced divers and there’s a good choice of diving schools where you can learn as a family. As well as the main island, you can also explore Rodriguez and Reunion or simply kick back in your luxury resort and soak up some sun.

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At just seven hours from the UK by direct flight, Oman is an accessible dive destination and one that is growing in popularity all the time. As a safe and modern destination, it’s great for family holidays, with hospitable people and a choice of luxury resorts. Visit dive sites that maybe some of the most secluded in the world and get up close with whale sharks and humpback whales. Back on dry land, the historic capital of Muscat and the mountains of Jabal al Akhdais are well worth a visit.

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