The best dive sites in Mauritius

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The best dive sites in Mauritius

Mauritius is an incredible island paradise located right in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  The island is best known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs, which surround and protect the coastline. This coastline offers a wonderful underwater playground for divers.

The diving and snorkelling in Mauritius should definitely be on your bucket list. Just outside the island’s reef, you will find caverns and crevasses that make for fascinating bottom topography and the open ocean currents support many large marine species. It is possible to dive all around the island but the best diving is found along the north and west coasts. Mauritius has it all, from shallow water coral reefs to incredible underwater topography and dramatic oceanic drop-offs.

These are just some of the best dive sites in Mauritius:


St. Jacques

This drift dive is very popular with all divers that come to the island. Divers start inside the lagoon in water that is less than 5 metres deep, and as they descend the current carries them through the lagoon and through the pass, past rock pinnacles, and coral walls. While the divers drift along there is a great chance of seeing grey reef sharks. This incredible drift dive will take divers through waters where eagle rays, stingrays, turtles, white tip reef sharks and other large pelagic species can be found. The drift dive finishes on the outside wall of the reef where the maximum depth is about 30 metres.


The Cathedral 

The Catherdral is ideal for photography enthusiasts. The dramatic topography includes grand caverns, caves and arches and when the light filters through, the sight is incredible. The dive starts at about 18 meters and the deepest point is about 30 meters to the sandy sea floor. The walls along this section are home to many different marine species such as grouper, wrasse, angelfish and clownfish. Divers need to keep a lookout for large morays and crustaceans that hide under ledges and in coral crevices. 


Hoi Siong No 6 

The Hoi Siong 6 wreck lies at the bottom of the Indian Ocean at a depth of around 29 meters. This fascinating wreck has been given a new lease of life under the water as an artificial reef. This incredible transformation attracts all kinds of marine life and is perfect for all levels of divers. The wreck is home to many large fish species such as barracuda, tuna, lionfish, and butterfly fish. With the amazing marine life and dramatic sunken wreck, this dive is an underwater photographer’s dream.


Stella Maru Wreck 

The Stella Maru was sunk in 1987 by the Mauritius Conservation society to create an artificial reef.  The Stella Maru wreck is found at an average depth of 23 meters. It on a sandy bottom and is located next to a rocky reef. The wreck is still intact and there is only a small bit of sea growth on the vessel, apart from algae, small soft corals and other marine organisms such as anemones and sea urchins. The most incredible part of the dive is coming up to the vessel as it sits upright on the seabed. You get a real sense of drama as you descend to the depths with the vessel. There is plenty of marine life around the vessel such as giant moray eels, lion fish, parrot fish, angler fish, leaf fish, mackerels, stonefish, scorpion fish and a number of other bottom-dwelling creatures that make their homes in the cervices and recesses in the coral patches surrounding the ship.


Whale Rock

Whale Rock is perfect for intermediate to experienced divers as its takes divers through varying depths.This dive site offers an exceptional diversity of reef life within the 20m zone. Whale Rock is a large dive site with an abundance of marine life such as angelfish, butterfly fish, triggerfish, small murenes, parrots, labres and clownfish. Occasionally in summertime, it is possible to see some of the larger species of fish such as swordfish and hammerheads.


But don’t take our word for it, head to Mauritius and see these amazing dive sites for yourself!  Contact us for more information and to start planning your next dive holiday today.