The best seasons for diving in the Maldives

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The best seasons for diving in the Maldives

Diving in the Maldives is an experience not too be missed. With an incredible abundance of marine life and crystal clear waters it has attracted divers from all over the world. There really isn’t a bad time of year to dive in the Maldives but here is a guide of what you can expect from each season in the Maldives.


Northeast Monsoon Season

From around the end of December through to May is the northeast monsoon season with the winds coming from the northeast. During this time there is a general lack of wind, this creates sunny skies and calm seas. Due to these conditions, the visibility on the eastern side of the atolls is good with roughly 20-30m of visibility and on the western side, there is about 15-20m visibility.


From December to March the water currents flow through the atolls from east to west, this creates fantastic visibility along the eastern atolls. The current is usually strongest over this period. During this time many shark species gather in the eastern side channel entrances in large numbers while the mantas are attracted to the western side where the plankton flows out to the open ocean.


Southwest Monsoon Season

During June to November is the southwest monsoon when the currents move easterly through the channels. During this time Hanifaru Bay offers some of the best sightings of mantas and whale sharks. They come to the area to feed on plankton that has been built up from the southwest monsoon. The visibility is also much better on the western side during this season. The wind picks up during this time and the sea can get a bit rougher. There is still many sunny days but for the most part can be quite cloudy. The surface swells during this time can get to about 1-2m especially during June and July which is the main rainy season.


Throughout the year the water temperatures stay constant at about 26-29°C. The larger marine animals like mantas, whale sharks, turtles and reef sharks can be found in the Maldives throughout the year. Diving with these marine animals is more dependent on day to day factors like high/low tide and sunrise/sunset.

An incredible experience in the Maldives is just what every diver needs whether it’s aboard a Maldives liveaboard or in one of the many luxury island resorts. Decide on the best time of year to visit the Maldives and contact us to assist you in creating an exquisite luxury dive holiday that suits your needs!