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Swimming with manta rays

By Gavin Parsons “What has a wingspan of up to seven metres?” That was a question in a pub quiz last week and I’m the only one who got it right. Some guessed condor, others golden eagle, but while these birds are impressive they are never going to beat the correct answer – the manta ray. […]

Dive Chuuk Lagoon

To dive Chuuk Lagoon is to enter, quite possibly, the greatest underwater museum on the planet. Chuuk State (formerly known as Truk) lies in the Western Pacific, somewhere between Hawaii and Papua New Guinea. You have to zoom right in on Google-maps to realise that this clutch of coral islands even exists, but they actually […]

Chuuk Liveaboard

To discover the largest collection of WWII wrecks on the planet, head over to the Western Pacific and book yourself on a Chuuk Liveaboard. Northeast of Papua new Guinea lies one of the world’s largest lagoons, where 822 square miles of tropical waters are enclosed by a circle of barrier reef. Within this safe-haven, an […]