3 reasons for booking your luxury scuba diving holidays in the Maldives asap

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3 reasons for booking your luxury scuba diving holidays in the Maldives asap

Luxury scuba diving holidays to the Maldives are always a good idea. Yet, there are 3 reasons why now is an especially great time for taking this unforgettable trip. 

  1. Experience unique Manta Season!

June and July are the best months to experience the Hanifaru Bay phenomenon. Hanifaru Bay is the largest manta ray feeding hotspot in the world. It lies just 10 minutes by speedboat from one of our favourite resorts, Amilla Maldives. During the summer, the horseshoe-shaped bay traps zooplankton, attracting mantas and majestic whale sharks. Such huge aggregations even for this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve are exceptional. At its peak, there could be even 100 mantas together with several whale sharks feeding simultaneously. Just think of the National Geographic-worthy pictures you will be able to take there! Can you already see yourself in the middle of that gentle crowd?

2. Limited spots.

Hanifaru Bay is a protected area, which means that only a number of visitors are allowed in. That’s why we recommend booking fast! 

3. Special summer attractions for the whole family.

Some of the best scuba diving in the world is for sure a good enough reason to book your holidays with Planet Dive Holidays.   

Yet, there are many more attractions for all the family members on this beautiful tropical island. Amilla Fushi is the largest private island resort in the Maldives. Although it definitely is relaxing, it is never boring! This summer they prepared for you aerial silks lessons, Cultural Week to get to know authentic local customs, and a football camp led by the member of Australian national women’s team.  

On top of that, there are secret beaches and a house reef to discover, private yachts to charter, or a tennis court to challenge your partner for a game.

You can also opt for energizing gym programs with a personal trainer, painting workshops in the art studio, and so much more.

This season, escape the crowded European beaches and capitals to instead swim with the graceful giants of the ocean. 

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