What makes the perfect luxury family dive holiday?

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What makes the perfect luxury family dive holiday?

Whether you’re a family of water babies, already PADI certified and ready to tackle some of the world’s best reef and wreck dives, or you’re trying something new together for the first time, a luxury family dive holiday is the perfect way to spend time together. But just what is it about diving holidays that makes them such a firm family favourite? In short, it’s a
combination of a few factors, as we outline below.

The diving itself

Diving is one of those rare activities that is as exhilarating and fun when you first start as it is after thousands of hours under the water. Starting out on your PADI course together as a family, you’ll be putting your brains and bodies to the test, first in a study environment, then in a confined dive space before finally hitting the open water. You’ll be learning new
skills and techniques while making visible progress throughout your holiday. Even if your kids aren’t old enough to dive, introducing them to the sport through a snorkelling or bubble making course will enable them to get a glimpse of the underwater world. For more advanced divers, you get to explore exotic dive sites including coral reefs and wrecks. You can get up close and personal with some of the underwater world’s most spectacular creatures, including dolphins, whale sharks, turtles and much more. Dive sites can be selected to suit your ability levels and diving desires. And there is a huge amount of stunning dive destinations to choose from. Which brings us on to…



Exotic dive holiday destinations

From Oman to Mauritius, the Maldives to the Mediterranean Sea, diving offers truly global adventures. And what better way to see the world as a family than by diving your way around it? Sure, diving together in the UK might still be fun but there’s something about the crystal clear and warm waters of Bali or Gozo that you just don’t get in the cold and murk of Brighton or Skegness. Plus, if some of the family just don’t want to join you on a scuba diving adventure, they are free to make use of the many other facilities on offer at your hotel – ensuring the best of both worlds!


Luxury dive accommodation

The big choice you have to make as a family is whether to stay land-based or to head out on the seas on a liveaboard adventure. Each has its own distinct advantages. Luxury resorts on land come with pool complexes, spas, fine dining, tropical beaches and all the other niceties you’d expect from a high-end holiday. These are perfect choices for those families with younger children or non-diving partners. But then a liveaboard lets you set sail to discover dive sites that most other divers don’t get to explore. Luxury cabins, attentive staff and waking up each morning to a different view is something that the family will never forget. A diving liveaboard is a great option for older families and groups where every member loves to dive!


The perfect luxury family dive holiday is an ideal combination of all three of the above. Combine the right level of tuition, destination and accommodation options and you can create a truly once in a lifetime dive holiday. And if you need any help building your trip, you can get in touch with our team of experts at Planet Dive who are always more than happy to help.