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Scuba Diving Red Sea: Wetsuits

Trying on a wetsuit certainly isn’t the most dignified experience, so you really want to make sure that you’re squeezing yourself into something suitable before you start overheating in the changing rooms. With racks upon racks of neoprene numbers adorning the walls of most dive shops, start by narrowing down your choices, using the following […]

PADI Speciality Courses

Completed your Open Water or Advanced Open Water and fancy doing some more training? Haven’t got the time or money to commit to the Rescue Diver course? Fancy doing something a bit different? PADI offer stacks of shorter, specialist courses that form part of the Advanced or Master Diver courses, but can also be enjoyed […]

Maldives Live aboard: Underwater restaurants

Just can’t get enough of the underwater world? Even after a day of non-stop scuba, do you still find yourself dying to descend again? Underwater restaurants offer the opportunity to stay on the seabed, even after you’ve maxed-out your bottom time. Genuine underwater restaurants are few and far between. You’ll find plenty of aquariums offering […]

Buying Scuba Fins: A Guide

If you’ve recently started out in scuba and are still using the fins you bought last summer as part of a snorkelling pack, it’s time to get your wallet out and start shopping. Regardless of whether you’re planning a few dips in the English Channel or are heading off on a once-in-a-lifetime Maldives liveaboard holiday, […]

Maldives Diving? Expect a Stunning Array of Marine-life

With such a massive diversity and sheer quantity of marine-life, a Maldives diving holiday can often some of the best scuba experiences on the planet. Listing every species would take up a whole website, let alone a single blog, so we’ve limited our list to some of the most common.

Red Sea Live aboards: Endemic Marine-life You’ll Find when You Dive

The Red Sea has a huge number of endemic species – some experts say as many as 20% of 1100 species living here are unique to this location. It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact figures, as new species are discovered each year and our understanding of the global distribution of marine-species is still […]

How to become a PADI Divemaster

The first stage in PADI’s professional scuba diving program, a Divemaster qualification could help to fulfil your dreams of spending your summer at a scuba-centre in Malaysia, leading dives in a Caribbean resort, or finding a position on a Red Sea liveaboard. But what exactly does the training involve, and where could it take you? […]

Becoming an Assistant Diving Instructor

If you wouldn’t mind having a Maldives Liveaboard as your office, or living on the shores of the Red Sea for a few seasons, then why not consider training to be an Assistant Diving Instructor? A natural progression from Divemaster status, Assistant Instructor is the first stage in the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC), which […]

Red Sea Liveaboard: What to Expect

Thinking about, or already booked, a Red Sea Liveaboard holiday? Here’s a taste of what to expect on-board and underwater: About the Red Sea: The Red Sea’s best-known diving area is concentrated around the ‘Egyptian Riviera’, but this Indian Ocean inlet stretches for almost 1,400 miles, from Somalia to Jordan, visiting countries such as Sudan, […]

Rescue Diver: Holiday Qualification

Whether you want to learn something new whilst on your Maldives diving holiday, fancy upgrading your skills on a long-weekend in the Mediterranean or are simply looking for your next big challenge, the Rescue Diver course is one of PADI’s most exciting and rewarding qualifications, and will help you to become a safer diver, a […]

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