Bonaire easy diving

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Bonaire easy diving

Diving media is fascinated with diving deep, exploring wrecks at the edge of human endurance and they seem to have forgotten the fun of diving. You know the sort of thing. The type of diving when you can throw a tank on your back and walk into warm clear coral and fish filled water.

The diving media is so focused on pushing boundaries that it’s forgotten what the majority of divers go diving for – fun and relaxation. That’s where a Bonaire Diving Holiday comes in. Bonaire diving is easy, fun, and the personification of idyllic.

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Bonaire, is the ‘B’ in the ABC island group, part of the Dutch Antillies, a cluster of Dutch inspired islands in the southern Caribbean Sea just north of South America. It is a tranquil place, unbothered by hurricanes and bathed in year round goodness. Bonaire is a relatively small island. You could drive around it in a couple of hours if you were in a hurry, but not many people are. Driving and diving on Bonaire is a laid back, relaxed style with no rules, no timetable and no stress.

Bonaire is ringed with a near shore coral reef and dive sites circumnavigate the island like a jewel studded necklace.

Bonaire, Netherland Antilles

Bonaire’s entire underwater realm from the high water mark to 60m down is designated a Marine National Park. Nothing alive or dead can be collected, spearfishing is illegal and only traditional fishing practices are allowed ensuring that Bonaire’s reefs are better now than 30 years ago. Visiting divers regularly rate Bonaire as one of the best dive spots in the Caribbean and the world and first time visitors are amazed at the wealth and health of the marine ecosystem just a short walk from shore.One of the most popular options for a Bonaire diving holiday is ‘drive and dive’ shore diving, although there is also boat diving available from all the resorts. Drive and Dive holidays mean staying ashore in an apartment or hotel, taking car hire and making up your own dive plan. There is no dive schedule, no timetable other than your own.

As I said while shore diving is the norm boat diving is available as are guided dives for the first time visitor. A dive around Bari Reef, with its 300+ fish species; the 30 year old wreck of the Himla Hooker; or the world famous photogenic Salt Pier and every visitor vows to return again and again.

Bota Diving, Bonaire Boat dives

A Planet Dive Holidays’ Bonaire drive and dive holiday might include an apartment, like those at Buddy Dive Resort, or the most luxurious 5* hotel, like Harbour Village. In between there is a good choice of accommodation to select from according to circumstances and situation with family and friends. Bonaire is equally ideal for family groups or small parties of friends as the accommodation choices, relaxed atmosphere and easy diving opportunities mean a Bonaire diving holiday is great for all levels of diver and non divers alike.

The experience is typical southern Caribbean diving. The hard coral reefs start as soon as you are in water deep enough to get your face wet. There is a narrow band of coral gardens around the island leading to a drop off where walls of multi-coloured sponges and soft corals intertwine to create a Kaleidoscope of shapes and patterns. Marine life is superb thanks to the lack of fishing pressure with angelfish, snapper, parrotfish, seahorses, and frogfish, kingfish, turtles and all in exceptional numbers. And if you get a bit dive weary, grab a kayak and go explore the mangroves or jump on a mountain bike and take in some of the island’s spectacular scenery.

Diving in Bonaire is special and thankfully the locals realised it early and protected what they had. Today the legacy is a island with a perfect year round climate, superb water clarity, and abundant marine life just a few steps from the shore.

To experience Bonaire’s easy diving will get you hooked on the island. It must be one of the most popular diving destinations for repeat visitors. US divers love the diving here and return over and over. That’s why the readers of the US based Rodale’s Scuba Diving magazine voted the Bonaire National Marine Park as number 2 in its Top 100 Gold List.

If you are looking for a dive holiday with a style as relaxed as a comfy chair on a sun-kissed beach then Bonaire is the place for you.