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PADI Boat Diver Speciality Course

Apart from your Open Water, or beginner’s diving certification, you don’t need any special qualifications in order to start boat diving but, if you’ve splashed out on a Red Sea or Maldives Liveaboard adventure this year, for example, and don’t feel confident about diving from a boat, you could consider taking PADI’s Boat Diver speciality […]

Jacket or Back-mounted BCD – Which is best?

Your BCD, or ‘buoyancy control device’, is what keeps you bobbing at the surface and helps you maintain a comfortable level of buoyancy underwater. Essentially, it’s a jacket that fills with air and works by the diver controlling the air ‘bladders’, or ‘cells’ inside, using the automatic or manual inflation hoses. If you’re thinking about […]

PADI Open Water or BSAC Ocean Diver?

It goes without saying that the two best known diving agencies for UK divers are BSAC – the UK based British Sub Aqua Club – and PADI – the US based Professional Association of Dive Instructors – but which is best? Being the more commercial and heavily marketed of the two, PADI is probably the […]

Dive Holidays for Singles

Now a growing trend, singles holidays are available all over the world, from Cayman Island resorts to Red Sea Liveaboard adventures. But, with dive holidays, there’s no real need to opt for one of these ‘specialist singles holidays’ and subject yourself to speed-dating evenings and awkward conversations, as scuba diving lends its-self naturally to pairing […]

Scuba Diving with Sharks

Whether you’re heading off on a Maldives Diving holiday or an African adventure this summer, diving with sharks is one of the most thrilling aspects of scuba. But as well as adopting the usual codes of safe underwater conduct, there are a few other things that you should take into consideration when diving with sharks: […]

Red Sea Dive Books

Four Good Guides 1. Red Sea Sharks (1999) by Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch A photographic guide to sharks of the Red Sea, aimed at scuba divers specifically. As well as a stack of stunning photos, the guide includes information on shark biology and behaviour, and includes a compendium of Red Sea sharks, which range from silvertips to […]

Scuba Dive Kit

Taking good care of your kit does more than makes it last and look nice. Dirty or damaged kit can lead to technical faults that could put your gear out of action altogether or, worse still, be potentially hazardous when underwater. So, whether you’re spending two weeks on a Red Sea Liveaboard or are going […]

Scuba Diving Red Sea: Wetsuits

Trying on a wetsuit certainly isn’t the most dignified experience, so you really want to make sure that you’re squeezing yourself into something suitable before you start overheating in the changing rooms. With racks upon racks of neoprene numbers adorning the walls of most dive shops, start by narrowing down your choices, using the following […]

PADI Speciality Courses

Completed your Open Water or Advanced Open Water and fancy doing some more training? Haven’t got the time or money to commit to the Rescue Diver course? Fancy doing something a bit different? PADI offer stacks of shorter, specialist courses that form part of the Advanced or Master Diver courses, but can also be enjoyed […]

Maldives Live aboard: Underwater restaurants

Just can’t get enough of the underwater world? Even after a day of non-stop scuba, do you still find yourself dying to descend again? Underwater restaurants offer the opportunity to stay on the seabed, even after you’ve maxed-out your bottom time. Genuine underwater restaurants are few and far between. You’ll find plenty of aquariums offering […]

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