Liveaboard v Resort-based Diving

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Liveaboard v Resort-based Diving

From Maldives liveaboards to shore-side Red Sea diving, every scuba-diving holiday holds its own special appeal, but the experience can be quite different, depending on whether you stay at a land-based resort, or spend all week on a liveaboard dive-boat.

When deciding between the two, the big question is: Would you rather set foot on terra-firma every-day and have access to land-based attractions, or spend the majority of your time on, in and under the water?

If you’re undecided, there are several factors that are worth mulling over…

If money is limited, resort-based diving can sometimes be more affordable – you’ll be able to self-cater, choose inexpensive accommodation and limit your dives to match your budget. Whereas, on a liveaboard, pre-paid food and drink, the culture of non-stop diving and the expense of fuelling the boat, can make for a more-expensive holiday for some. However, if you regularly splurge on lavish nights out and extravagant meals, you may find that the more limited spending options on a liveaboard help to keep the costs down!

Many liveaboards tend to offer scheduled trips of between one and two weeks, so if you only have a few days to spare, then a resort-based trip may be better. Although, it’s worth checking out what’s on offer – shorter liveaboard excursions are common in the Red Sea and Great Barrier Reef, for example, whereas Maldives live aboards tend to depart for week-long cruises.

If you’re dead-set on diving with sharks in Costa-Rica, or plan on visiting Indonesia’s more remote dive-sites, then a liveaboard is essential, whereas, on islands such as Bonaire, some of the best dives are found right along the shore-line.

It goes without saying that a liveaboard will offer less-spacious living and fewer options for privacy. Seasickness should also be considered, as those who regularly suffer may be in for an unpleasant week. On a resort-based trip, the luxuries of a larger bedroom and the freedom of being able to explore the local town or beaches may also add to the experience.

Sociable-types and singles will thrive on a liveaboard, and living in close-confines with like-minded passengers can really add to your trip. However, if personal space is an issue and you value privacy above all else, you may opt for the shore. A resort-based trip allows greater freedom to either socialise or spend time alone, although the jovial ambience experienced on a liveaboard may be difficult to replicate.

The Diving
If you scrolled directly to this section first, then, with a greater focus on diving, liveaboards are probably for you. Resort-based trips often limit dives to three a day, with travel and other logistics restricting the time spent underwater. On a liveaboard you can begin diving before breakfast and continue till late, with your dive-tables and air-supply the only limiting factors.

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