Dive Djibouti this April!

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Dive Djibouti this April!

Djibouti is calling all divers for the holiday of a lifetime this April! With a fantastic itinerary onboard the Lucy Liveaboard dive boat, this once-in-a-lifetime holiday takes diving enthusiasts to the Seven Brothers Islands as well as the Gulf of Tadjourah. 

The famous Seven Brothers Islands (also called the Sawabi) attract scuba divers from all over the world to Djibouti. The “Seven Brothers” consist of a chain of six volcanic uninhabited islands located south of the entrance to the Red Sea, near the strait of Bab El-Mandab. All connected by a reef system like no other, the “seventh brother” is not actually an island but a volcanic hill at the northern tip of Ras Siyyan.

Here breath-taking drop offs, and exquisite corals are frequented by giant jack fish, manta rays, mobulas, snappers and many more species which can be found in stunningly large schools.  The wreck of the White Lady also entrances drivers and photographers as she provides a home to a myriad of underwater life. 

The 37metre Lucy monohull is currently the only liveaboard that offers a trip to the Seven Brothers Islands – a truly untouched diving destination.

The Seven Brothers Island liveaboard dive holidays run from 8-15 April 2017 and 22-29 April 2017. Due to strong currents, this dive holiday is suitable for advanced divers. Contact us now to book your spot.