Best time to dive Sudan? Right Now!

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Best time to dive Sudan? Right Now!

We’re now offering flight-inclusive luxury liveaboards in Sudan from £1200! Call us on 01273 921 001 for more details and departure dates or check out our Sudan liveaboards page

La Dolce Vita

Overview of Dolce Vita

A Liveaboard safari on board Dolce Vita may well be the ‘Sweet Life’ its name suggests. Built in Alexandria’s leading shipyard in Dolce Vita is well suited to long range cruising in the remote sites of Sudan’s Red Sea. The special attention to detail makes diving aboard Dolce Vita a relaxed, comfortable diving experience.

About diving in Sudan

Sudan’s marine life is so rich that it ranks amongst the world’s top dive destinations. Reefs are mainly offshore, therefore only easily accessed by a liveaboard. A mix of reef walls and plateaus Sudan’s diving has everything you might expect from the Red Sea and more. Just outside Port Sudan is the wreck of Umbria, a classic dive with huge intact propellers. At Sha’ab Rumi, Jacques-Yves Cousteau carried out his Conshelf II underwater living experiments, remains which still lie on the reefs west side. Then there are the sharks and mantas which seasonally mass around Sudan’s reefs for the amusement of the adventurous diver.

Why Choose A Sudanese Red Sea Liveaboard

Sudanese liveaboards remain the only way to dive the Sudan’s Red Sea dive sites. There are no land based resorts or dive operators. There are only a handful of liveaboards operating in the Sudanese Red Sea and the quality of their boats and services vary. Planet Dive only work with the best liveaboards. It is of the utmost importance that when diving in these remote waters, which offer little in the way of support services, to choose the right boat with a crew that know the waters and understand the diving.

With the right Sudan liveaboard you can access just about all the signature dive sites off the extensive Sudanese Red Sea coastline. What’s more with so few Sudanese liveaboards operating in this vast area of the Red Sea, you are guaranteed a week of isolation both above and below the waves.