4 types of divers that will love Mauritius

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4 types of divers that will love Mauritius

The tropical island of Mauritius is fringed by turquoise lagoons, pristine reefs, marine protected areas, wrecks and tiny islands. It is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and divers flock to Mauritius to enjoy her warm, turquoise waters and the diving holiday of a lifetime at one of her many luxurious resorts. Here are four types of divers that will absolutely love a holiday in Mauritius:


Snorkellers and beginner divers

Fringed most of the way round by a reef, the coastline of Mauritius is flanked by a quiet, tranquil lagoon. This makes Mauritius the perfect place to learn to dive. Most of the top resorts in Mauritius offer guests the opportunity to enjoy bubble making classes in the hotel pool before venturing out for your first lessons in the ocean. The north and east coasts of the island offer rocky outcrops and crystal clear waters with small reefs just off the beaches where you can safely enjoy your first learn to dive lessons. With fantastic kids clubs at many of the Mauritius resorts, kids too can enjoy snorkelling sessions in Mauritius, keeping a lookout for crabs and turtles! For the more adventurous, dolphin excursions are offered on the island’s west coast at Le Morne and Tamarin Bay where you can enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity of swimming with dolphins!



On a recent trip to Mauritius our team was lucky enough to enjoy a learning to freedive session in the hotel pool at the Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa. This was one of the highlights of their trip. “Once you understand what is going on in your body with the reactions of your body to the Co2 build up, you will know exactly how long you can hold your breath and are able to push your limits much further than you think. In order to be able to tolerate the high level of Co2 in your body you have to be in a very relaxed state of mind, enabling you to lower your heartbeat and remain calm while you are holding your breath. So learning to freedive while on holiday is just perfect!” says Szilvia from our UK office.


This learn to freedive session was followed by some further practice at Flat Island, off the island’s northern coastline. The spot at Flat Island in the north provided stunning visibility and the team from our Mauritius North Dive Centre was on hand to assist with putting down lines for the divers to practice their depths. With no strong currents, fantastic weather and warm water temperatures, Mauritius provides the perfect place for freedivers to practice their skills.

Technical divers

The centre we work with in North Mauritius is the first and only centre to offer technical diving in Mauritius. Technical Diving International (TDI) is the largest technical certification agency in the world and is one of the first agencies to provide training in mixed gas diving and rebreathers, bringing new technical diving techniques and programs to the general public.


The technical instructor in Mauritius is both TDI and GUE qualified and along with organising regular tech dives for already qualified technical divers, our Mauritius North Dive Centre also provides TDI technical diving courses, providing the bridge between recreational and technical diving. For experienced divers looking to expand their limits, technical diving opens up a whole new world of opportunities allowing you to dive deeper, for longer while understanding more about decompression and different techniques. 

Underwater photographers

The island of Mauritius opens up a wealth of options for underwater photographers. With a number of sites accessible from the shore, with even more reachable by boat, underwater photographers will not be disappointed. The seabed is awash with urchins, colourful corals, anemones, nudibranchs and eels while turtles and rays are a common occurrence.


From our dive centre in North Mauritius daily dive trips visit Mauritius’ best dive sites in Pereybere/Grand Baie or Coin de Mire. Pereybere in Northern Mauritius offers guests five different dive spots varying in depth from 12-30 metres and include fantastic coral gardens and reefs home to an abundance of tropical fish and turtles as well as a wreck site, perfect for budding underwater photographers. Coin De Mire and Gunner’s Quoin offer three different dive sites off the northern coast of Mauritius with depths from 10-25 metres. Due to their remote location, the corals in these areas are untouched and are home to all kinds of tropical reef fish, turtles, rays and nudibranchs.


With so many dive sites on offer to suit any type of diver, Mauritius is the perfect place for your next diving holiday! Contact us to start planning your Mauritius travel arrangements today.