Express Dive: Will this innovation open Scuba for everyone?

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Express Dive: Will this innovation open Scuba for everyone?

It’s not often a product comes along that really changes the world of Scuba diving. Forever. Yes we are all secret gear junkies – and having the correct gear is essential – but what was the last item that fundamentally changed what we do? Or opened up our world to others?Well, the new Express Dive looks set introduce many more people to the world of Scuba diving. Why? Because it’s a micro tank that lets people who would usually just snorkel and dip below the surface dive for longer.

The refillable air storage device gives swimmers up to 2 minutes’ air. Key to its attraction is simplicity. As you can see from the pictures there’s very little to it.

Express Dive is the brainchild of Cathal Redmond from the university of Limerick with his design earning him a runners-up prize in the prestigious International James Dyson Award.

Now while it’s still a prototype, it’s definitely an innovation that we should be keeping an eye on. Not that you’d ever trade it for a full tank on a liveaboard holiday in Belize where you need as much time as possible to explore. But it might be something that’s kept on the boat if say you spotted a pod of dolphins and wanted to quickly get in without getting everything ready.

And this goes to the heart of why the Express Dive will change everything if it makes production: Scuba diving is complex; it takes preparation and time to suit up and check everything is ready to go. And this might just be what puts people off the sport.

There are so many snorkelers who love swimming in the sea just with fins and goggles. And it’s these people who could be tempted to join scuba clubs after enjoying a couple of minutes under the water.

What do you think? Will the Express Dive tempt more people into scuba, or the opposite and keep people snorkeling, just for longer?

Let us know – and look out for us revealing more about new gear and innovations that are shaping how we dive.