Dive Holidays for Singles

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Dive Holidays for Singles

Now a growing trend, singles holidays are available all over the world, from Cayman Island resorts to Red Sea Liveaboard adventures. But, with dive holidays, there’s no real need to opt for one of these ‘specialist singles holidays’ and subject yourself to speed-dating evenings and awkward conversations, as scuba diving lends its-self naturally to pairing up.

Whether you’re a single person looking for love, a buddy-less husband or wife, or you simply fancy a break from your friends and family with a group of likeminded people, scuba holidays provide the perfect opportunity to meet others. Here’s why…

The buddy-system is your best friend
We all know that solo-scuba diving is a big ‘no no’ but, contrary to what you might think, this comes as great news for singles or independent travellers. A far cry from being picked last for the football team, choosing partners on a dive trip is simply a matter of numbers. Before entering the underwater world, it’s essential for each and every diver to be paired with a buddy; so single divers can guarantee that they’ll automatically be introduced to other people. Back on the surface, you’ll also have an instant topic of conversation, as you chat about the marine-life you saw beneath the surface and compare notes on the species you identified.

Liveaboards are a good option
For anyone that’s concerned about being alone in the evenings or eating by themselves at meal times, choosing a boat-based holiday, such as a Maldives or Red Sea Liveaboard, could be the best solution. Group sizes on a liveaboard typically range between 10 and 20 passengers, who all eat breakfast and lunch together, and tend to spend the evenings eating under the stars and playing games on board. Dives and excursions are organised each day and there’s usually plenty of opportunity to chill out on deck if you fancy a bit of down-time.

Dedicated dive resorts are good too
Many dive resorts also offer all-in packages, where guests head off on dives together during the day, eat their meals together and often spend long evenings chatting and sipping beers at the bar. These types of resorts tend to be fairly small-scale, so it’s easy to get to know the rest of the guests. As opposed to a Red Sea Liveaboard, resort holidays offer more opportunity for a bit of time by yourself, but perhaps that wasn’t the point in going on a singles holiday?

Diving over dating
Those that aren’t on the look-out for a lifetime buddy certainly shouldn’t be put off joining dive-trips as a single traveller. Whether they’re aimed at singles, families, couples or groups, diving holidays are predominantly about diving, not dating! Independent travel is a popular way to see the world these days and stacks of divers who already have other-halves now choose to travel this way. The main thing is that you’re logging some time under the surface and getting to share your favourite pastime with likeminded people.

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