New easy E-Visa now available for travel to Oman

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New easy E-Visa now available for travel to Oman

Exotic and untouched is the best way to describe the waters of Oman. Travel to this incredible country both on land and under the sea makes for a truly amazing diving holiday. Now it is even easier to get there with the introduction of the new Oman E-Visa!


With this new e-visa system, visiting Oman has just become a lot easier for those who are planning on coming to the Sultanate on holiday, business or for an incredible diving holiday. According to the Royal Oman Police, the country’s new e-visa service should help shorten queues as people apply for their visas online. To sign up for an e-visa, just visit the Oman E-Visa website and register your information.


Divers of all experience levels will love Oman for its fantastic and easily accessible dive sites. The diving in this country is very well established, and in Muscat alone, there are over forty incredible dive sites.


Thanks to the great diversity of marine life found around Oman, divers can expect to find a variety of pelagic species such as whale sharks and large shoals of fish. For those who love to explore the sunken wrecks found under the sea, Oman has many wrecks that are over 100 years old and are fully overgrown with corals. 


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