Getting to know the routes of the Red Sea

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Getting to know the routes of the Red Sea

As the diving season approaches in the Red Sea, there are a wide variety of liveaboards and routes to choose from. With our scuba liveaboard partners offering weekly set departures you can choose from a number of different routes depending on your dates. Discovering spectacular dive sites, famous points or untouched destinations – each route offers something unique to discover.

Here is a bit more about five of the offered Red Sea dive routes:

1. Wrecks and Reefs


The route referred to by operators as ‘wrecks and reefs’ is perfect for first-time divers to the Red Sea as it covers a variety of well-renowned dive sites. Visit Thistlegorm, Salem Express, Giannis D, Carnatic, Dunraven, Ras Mohammed, Safaga, Panorama Reef, Abu Nuhas and more along this route that is ideal for all levels of divers. Discover amazing reef systems, marvel at some of the best wrecks in the world and be surrounded by large schools of fish as you travel from one amazing dive site to the next on your liveaboard.

2. Brothers/Daedalus/Elphinstone route 


Almost all the dives along this route are drift dives along impressive walls as you explore the three biggest reefs in the Red Sea. This route is famous for sightings of a variety of shark species, including grey reef, white tip, thresher and hammerhead sharks, as well as manta rays and whale sharks. Perfect for experienced divers who want to see those big hitters!

3. Best/Top of the Red Sea


Combine the Brothers with some of the best sites from the wrecks and reefs route, creating a richly varied route that covers all the world-famous dive spots – truly the best of the Red Sea. Combine amazing wreck dives, with reef explorations and drift dives surrounded by thousands of pelagic fish. An excellent trip and a must do in the Red Sea! 

4. Daedalus/Fury Shoal route 


Explore Daedalus, the best place in the Red Sea to see hammerhead sharks, discover the underwater caves at Shaab Claudio, a favourite with underwater photographers, discover a multitude of colourful corals and passages in the coral garden of Abu Galawa Sogheira, and if you’re lucky, snorkel with large pods of long-nosed dolphins.

5. South and St. Johns


This unusual route is one of the more remote itineraries but still provides a rare variety of biodiversity. Visit Zabargad Island with its mysterious Russian wreck, dive the impressive soft coral walls of Rocky Island and explore the many caves and caverns of this incredible reef.

Many of the Egypt liveaboards combine aspects of each of these routes to create new, exciting itineraries that cater to every skill level and the needs of different divers. Contact us to speak to an expert that can help choose the perfect route for your next dive holiday!