6 questions to ask when choosing your dive liveaboard

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6 questions to ask when choosing your dive liveaboard

Destinations like the Maldives and the Red Sea are best explored on board a scuba dive liveaboard. A liveaboard holiday offers you the opportunity to reach remote destinations, diving at different locations daily, away from the hustle and bustle of crowds. A scuba diving liveaboard holiday is also a social experience and a fantastic way to meet like-minded people with a passion for diving. But with so many liveaboards to choose from here are 6 questions to ask before you book!


1. What is the space on the dive liveaboard like?

You don’t want to book onboard a boat where you are jam-packed like sardines with no time to relax and enjoy your downtime. Make sure there’s enough decks for all guests and ensure that there is a comfortable limit to the amount of people the boat takes. Most of the 40 foot liveaboards we work with can sleep between 20 and 26 people – this is a good number whether you are travelling in a group or just booking in as a solo diver.


2. What are the diving facilities like?

How many dive guides does the liveaboard have, does the liveaboard have a separate launching deck, come with its own diving dhoni, include your dive gear in the price and offer free nitrox? These are all questions you need to ask before you go ahead and book your diving adventure.


On the off-chance you decide to travel with a non-diving partner you will also want to ask what the snorkelling opportunities are. For instance, some diving liveaboards welcome non-divers and even offer free snorkelling kits, vouchers to spend onboard and spa treatments.


3. What are the facilities like?

On a liveaboard holiday, your boat will become your home for the week so it’s important to know what the facilities are like. Does the boat have a separate dining area to lounge, is it located inside or can you dine alfresco on the deck? Are there jacuzzis and, if there are, will you really make use of them? Is there TV and WiFi for when you want to catch up on the world’s events or share your day’s photos with the other guests? It is important to decide what facilities are important to you and what you can go without to ensure you don’t end up spending more than your budget allows.


5. What is included?

Every dive liveaboard offers different inclusions and exclusions to guests. To ensure you don’t get a surprise on arrival or go over budget we recommend checking what meals are included, if there are any special dinners, if you get snacks throughout the day, or if there are any complimentary drinks? It is also important to ask if you can you bring your own alcohol onboard the boat should you wish to.


6. How new is the boat?

While all the dive liveaboards are beautiful some are brand new, others have been recently refurbished, while others are a bit more old-fashioned. If you like stylish fittings and modern amenities then it’s best to book onto a recently refurbished boat or a new boat which has been recently launched and offers high quality, contemporary, spacious living areas and accommodation. 


Still got some answered questions about your next liveaboard holiday? Contact us and one of our experts will be on hand to assist you or tell you aboard some of the great diving liveaboard specials we have on offer!