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Personalized wellness concept encompasses nutrition, plant-based remedies, mindfulness and movement 

Pioneering island resort Amilla Fushi Resort Madlives has unveiled Wellness Your Way, a fresh, holistic and highly customised approach to wellness that encompasses nutrition, plant-based remedies, mindfulness and movement. Founded on the belief that the path to wellness starts with the fuel that enters the body, Wellness Your Way empowers and inspires guests to experience different ‘eating lifestyles’. Dedicated dairy-free, gluten-free, low carb and vegan/vegetarian menus across all dining outlets – and cocktail menus packed with probiotic sodas and a sugar-free section – also reflect a new island-wide emphasis on wellness; pillow chocolates have been usurped by natural sleep-enhancing turndown treats, while the modern Maldivian herbalism of Dhivehi Beys has breathed new life into the spa experience.


Amilla’s Wellness Your Way programme enables guests to continue to follow their eating lifestyles while on holiday, with curated catering from keto/paleo-friendly low-carb, low lectin and gluten-free dishes to plant-based meals. A brand new dining venue, Chill’d, champions menus carefully crafted to nourish guests’ bodies, minds and souls, as well as showcasing Wellness Your Way signatures including composed salad bowls with fresh island-grown greens such as lettuce, purslane and kulha fila greens; poke bowls featuring fresh seafood; and sandwiches made with Homemade@Amilla low carb bread, sourdough and almond flaxseed rolls. At the Chill’d juice bar, guests can enjoy detox tonics, herbal teas and wellness smoothies, as well as an ever-evolving range of Homemade@Amilla probiotic drinks including delicious kombuchas devised to enhance immunity.

Plant-based remedies

Amilla’s Javvu Spa has brought together modern herbalism with the ancient knowledge of local Maldivian medicine, Dhivehi Beys, to develop a range of plant-based remedies harnessing all the properties and powers of freshly picked island-grown herbs. Guests are invited to discover an array of homemade soaps, scrubs and balms, made using fresh Homegrown@Amilla ingredients including coconut oil and aloe vera; therapeutic herbs such as neem, lemongrass and mint; and aromatic flowers including jasmine, wild marigolds and hibiscus. At the Alchemy Bar, Amilla’s ‘alchemists’ offer guests the chance to learn about the benefits of these natural ingredients, and how to combine herbs and oils to make their own products.

Mindfulness and sleep

Spa rituals at Amilla have also been elevated with the inclusion of Sound Therapy for all body treatments. In these rituals, a Tibetan bell rings three times. The first announces the beginning of the massage; the second is rung above the spine to stimulate the seven chakras; and the third is performed with a figure of eight (the infinity symbol) around the head, to replenish positive energy. Not only does the sound have a positive impact on a person’s energy field and aura, it also encourages deeper relaxation, boosting the effect of the treatment.

Recognising sleep as a precious and often elusive commodity, Amilla has also replaced the traditional pillow chocolate with a new sleep-enhancing turndown service featuring delicious, all-natural ingredients such as tart cherry juice, turmeric, nuts and banana to help lull guests into a deep, restful sleep.


Situated in the shade of majestic banyan trees, Amilla’s new Jungle Gymnasium features fun, island-made, ‘Flintstonian’ fitness equipment including barbells, a coconut weight machine and monkey bars, encouraging guests to swap their well-worn workout playlists for birdsong and fresh air.

About Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences

A large, verdant natural island in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll, Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences is an enchanting space for families, friends and couples to roam and play. Most of its 67 Villas and Residences are gracefully elevated over crystal clear waters; to venture through the island’s halo of white sand into its shaded heart reveals a surprisingly wild, green place – the inspiration for its organic garden-to-table concept. The resort’s Homemade@Amilla and Homegrown@Amilla initiatives are manifestations of a heartfelt commitment towards sustainability and resourcefulness. Indigenous ingredients – sea almonds, screwpines, countless coconuts, fragrant frangipani – are celebrated alongside the homemade, homegrown and homebrewed, bringing personality and vigour to nutritious, immunity-boosting menus. While not strictly a wellness resort, embracing dietary lifestyles is an intuitive part of Amilla’s Wellness Your Way, a fresh, holistic and highly customised approach to wellness that encompasses nutrition, mindfulness, movement and spa. 

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