Bio-Fluorescence Night Diving

We’re always looking to bring you the next new and exciting trend in diving. Over the last couple of years more and more of our diving guests have got to know the psychedelic dance club colours of Glow Diving, or is that Fluo Diving? 
Not to be confused with phosphorescence, or bio-luminescence, if you’re Fluo Diving, you’re out to find the Bio-Fluorescence of the coral reef, and its inhabitants.
Fluorescence is the absorption of one colour (wavelength of light) and the re-emission of a totally different colour. Corals do it, reef fish do it and invertebrates do it too! Bio-fluorescent reef inhabitants, under white light, reveal to us their natural colours. Under Ultra Violet light (UV light) they absorb and transform the blue into a brightly glowing, totally different colour.
So whether you refer to it as Fluo Diving, Glow Diving, Fluro Diving or Fluoro Diving. At the end of the day, literally, it’s all about Bio-Fluorescence Night Diving.
Around the world more and more dive centres are taking ‘Black Lights’ out on night dives. Using a UV flashlight underwater on a night dive, the corals and anemones glow brightly. As do critters like Lizardfish and Mantis Shrimp. All Fluorescing for your enjoyment. 
Bio Fluorescence underwater is a relatively recent discovery and much is still to be learnt about which creatures fluoresce and why they do it. Perhaps fluorescent proteins act as a sunscreen, or is it part of the photosynthesis process. It may even be used as some form of communication.
Why not find out for yourself on a dive holiday to one of the following dive destinations.