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Family Diving Holidays

A family diving holiday is an amazing way to spend time with your loved ones, Whether everyone is exploring the fascinating world underwater, where you can see amazing marine life, stunning coral, and interesting ship wrecks. Or perhaps you are a mixed family with divers and non-divers.

At Planet  Dive Holidays we can advise and help organise Family Diving Holidays for all types of family. Whether you are a family with only one family member wanting to Learn to Dive or a family with older kids who are already qualified divers looking for a suitable liveaboard dive holiday.
Children 8 to 10 years of age can begin their journey with an introductory dive like the PADI Bubblemaker Introductory Dive. Once 10 years old or over your children can continue their underwater adventure with a Learn to Dive Course and then develop their skills as a Newly Qualified Diver
In our Hotel descriptions look out for our 'For the Family' sections detailing some of the facilities or services intended to be family friendly including:
Family Friendly Room Options
Many of our recommended have interconnecting rooms where two similar rooms have a door between them that can be unlocked to link the rooms without the need to cross through public corridors. Some hotels have larger rooms with extra beds or suits with at least one separate bedroom and living room. Some may even include a small kitchenette.
Hotels with Kids Clubs
For families with children too young to dive Planet Dive brings you a selection of family friendly hotels with inclusive kids clubs and crèches. Activities may include windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, nature walks, treasure trails, arts and crafts or pool games. These hotels arrange professionally staffed programmes of fun and educational programs allowing them to enjoy their holidays and you to relax whether diving or simply chilling out.
Evening Care
In some regions and hotels experienced childcare teams supervise evening care and activities for all children in the crèche. Due to best practice and for health and safety reasons we do not offer or pre-book in room babysitting or the use of baby listening devices and children should be supervised at all times, never being left in rooms unsupervised. 
Children's Meals
Most of our hotels have buffet restaurants where you are able to choose from a selection of great tasting, healthy, and fresh local produce. In many where meals are plated there will be a child's menu and portion sizes.
Free or Discounted Child Places
The way we price our holidays will take account of free or discounted child places that we have agreed with our recommended hotels and sports centres.
For a family dive holiday, we would highly recommend destinations which offer activities other than just diving, such as SUP, Windsurfing, excursions, Mountain Biking, Spa Facilities, to name a few.