Technical Diving

Technical Diving, also known as TEC diving or TECH Diving, goes beyond the conventional scope  of recreational diving. This might be reflected in the dive profile as you may dive deeper or dive for longer, or dive in environments where standard scuba divers would not venture. Technical divers require advanced training and to develop their experience safely. They also require specialised equipment and often breathe breathing gases other than compressed air or standard nitrox mixes.

Recreational Technical Diving does not always require divers to have a great deal of diving experience. Newly qualified divers, for example an Advanced Open Water diver, can take part in Technical Diving courses.  
These courses are an easier step for the recreational diver:
Nitrox Diving – Oxygen Enriched Air is ideal for staying for longer at that ship-wreck, but is also used for added safety and less tiredness.
Rebreather Diving – fish and underwater life are not scared away when you have no bubbles, so you can get up closer with that camera
Sidemount Diving – having a tank on each side is a lot more stream-lined and comfortable, and the extra gas is ideal for photographers wanting to stay longer as well as those gas-guzzlers. Its also good for those with bad backs because the weight is distributed more evenly and you can easily put-on/take-off your gear in the water
Solo Diving – learn how to be self-reliant, perfect for those photographers who like to sit in one place for ages. It can also be combined with Sidemount Diving to give the extra gas!
For those who want to experience more exploration-type diving:
Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Diving – using open circuit or rebreathers, this type of diving takes you beyond the recreational limits to 55/60m
Trimix Diving – using open circuit or rebreathers, add an extra gas to go deeper still, beyond the 75m level
Wreck, Cave and Ice Diving – using open circuit or rebreathers, with or without trimix, diving in overhead environments where few have been before – a bit like exploring Mount Everest!