Diving Holidays In Dumaguete

The City of Dumaguete, popularly known as the city of Gentle people, is situated in the Philippine province of Negros Oriental. It is the capital, principal seaport, and largest city of the province, also known for the excellent food, elegant hotels and fun outdoor activities which tourists can really enjoy. The seafront swarm with cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels, and is particularly busy at dusk with the after-work crowd and then again towards midnight, when the real nightlife begins.

Dumaguete is very close to some of the Philippines' great dive sites and offers opportunities for whale and dolphin watching.

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Diving In Dumaguete

The south coastline of Nigros Oriental is riddled with dark sand bays and some amazing muck diving.

One of the first sanctuaries in the Negros area is Masa Plod Sanctuary, roped off so that no fishing can take place and an amazing marine life can remain very prolific. Different, colourful corals embellish the reef and give refuge to many creatures. There are several triggerfish, colourful sweetlips and passing tuna. For mantis shrimps and juvenile batfish, even a few pipefish you have to look closely at the sandy bottom. The maximum depth is about 22 m, the visibility is good and there are no currents.

Right in front of El Dorado Beach Resort there is a fantastic beach dive, the El Dorado Reef that slopes down from one to twenty meters. It shows a sandy bottom with different coral blocks, sponges and sea anemones. You could find a broad variety of rare species. This is the ideal place for training, excellent fun and night dives and macro photography. Maximum depths of about 16 m, good visibility, slight to strong currents.

For those interested in small cryptic marine dwellers the Dauin Beach is a paradise. Sea horses, ghost pipe fishes, frog fishes, different kinds of lion and scorpion fishes and nudi branches are very common. On occasion there is even a rare, juvenila zebra batfish and, if you are really lucky, you could spot the mimic octopus. It is an excellent place for training and night dives as well. The maximum depth is about 30 m, good visibility, and slight currents.

One of the best community-managed marine sanctuaries in the Philippines is certainly Apo Island. It’s a small island, only 30 km south of the capital, Dumaguete City and it offers an extraordinary diving and snorkeling experience, with an underwater visibility rivaled by only a few other places. It has a white stone beach and a stunning and vibrant coral reef.

The most thrilling experience you could have is at Coconut Point because of its strong currents that attract a huge arrow of fish. 

Diving Seasons In Dumaguete

The Negros Island is considered to be outside the Philippines' typhoon belt, so it enjoys all-around good weather. Rainfall is usually light, although there can be a few heavy rains per year. The wet season covers the period from June to November, and the dry season starts from December to May, the hottest being April and May.

December to January usually encounters the "dirty Northeastern winds", as the locals called it, while the southwestern wind is experienced in July and August.

The temperature for the entire province of Negros Oriental ranges from between 22ºC and 24ºC. Maximum temperatures can reach 35ºC in the month of July. The lowest temperatures were recorded in the month of April at 20ºC.

Activities & Nightlife In Dumaguete

Dumaguete, the capital of Negros Oriental, is a lively and busy city, where you can find plenty of restaurants and bars. Although the nightlife in Dumaguete City does not revolve around late night revelery you can find the odd night-club for some very-apres-dive

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