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Guide Price Per Room Per Night Around $ 818 Per Room Per Night (Breakfast) Prices are as a guide only, assuming 2 people in the room. Prices will be vary depending on the season and the occupancy of room.

Why You'll Love Diving With Galle Turu Villas Rampart Street!

  • A unique historic property with an authentic feel
  • Located in Galle directly on the beachfront
  • One of the few properties within the entirety of the Galle Fort that provides the luxury of a private swimming pool

Taru Villa On Rampart Street

Long before the Galle Fort was universally acknowledged as a national treasure, there were some properties within these storied ramparts that were special enough to spark the imagination and birth a vision. This villa in Galle is one such catalyst, the first to be bought by a foreigner in the post-colonial era and one of the very first to be styled and restored into the sort of intimate, luxurious villa that Sri Lanka’s most discerning travellers have come to expect from hotels in Galle Fort.

Most recently restored by Taru Villas, this exotic location is an elegant combination of antique charm and modern amenities. A powerful design aesthetic weaves together the spirit of the old world, the magic of nature and the comforts of today. 

Taru Villas have a number of properties throughout Sri Lanka, and they all have something very unique and special about them. The particular property is one of our favourites. The room have really high ceilings with superb hardware throughout. We loved the character with all the old wooden floor and authentic feel. It is also one of the only such properties in Galle directly on the beachfront. If the budget allows go for the top suite; it is a very large superb room with sea views. 

‘Taru Villas – Rampart Street’ is also one of the few properties within the entirety of the Galle Fort that provides the luxury of a private swimming pool. Another highlight of this small hotel is undoubtedly the delectable cuisine.

As always at Taru Villas, the staff at this Galle villa are unobtrusive but attentive, paying attention to the little things that are bound to make an enjoyable stay, truly memorable.