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Stay and cruise the Maldives

Did you know you can combine a luxurious 4 or 3 night diving holiday onboard an award-winning Carpe Diem Maldives liveaboard with a 3 or 4-night stay in a spacious villa, complete with its own private pool?

Protect the Maldives’ reefs with marine biologist Steven Weinberg

Carpe Diem Maldives is thrilled to announce that they will be giving travellers to The Maldives the opportunity to dive and meet with internationally acclaimed Marine Biologist Steven Weinberg. As part of the on-going Dive with a Purpose events and International Year of the Reef 2018 celebration with Carpe Diem, avid divers can take to […]

Diving with Disabilities

Most of us take our able-bodies for granted, grumbling when we feel a twinge of backache and feeling miserable when an injury prevents us from getting on with daily life. But for individuals who suffer long-term disabilities, certain aspects of daily life can present significant challenges.

Diving: How Low Can You Go?

For the majority of us, enjoying the wonders of scuba means marvelling at colourful coral reefs in the Caribbean, diving with hammerhead sharks off the coast of Costa-Rica or experiencing one-in-a-lifetime Maldives Liveaboard adventures. But, for a strange few, sinking down to unknown depths and diving so deep that their lives are put under serious […]

PADI Boat Diver Speciality Course

Apart from your Open Water, or beginner’s diving certification, you don’t need any special qualifications in order to start boat diving but, if you’ve splashed out on a Red Sea or Maldives Liveaboard adventure this year, for example, and don’t feel confident about diving from a boat, you could consider taking PADI’s Boat Diver speciality […]

Jacket or Back-mounted BCD – Which is best?

Your BCD, or ‘buoyancy control device’, is what keeps you bobbing at the surface and helps you maintain a comfortable level of buoyancy underwater. Essentially, it’s a jacket that fills with air and works by the diver controlling the air ‘bladders’, or ‘cells’ inside, using the automatic or manual inflation hoses. If you’re thinking about […]

PADI Speciality Courses

Completed your Open Water or Advanced Open Water and fancy doing some more training? Haven’t got the time or money to commit to the Rescue Diver course? Fancy doing something a bit different? PADI offer stacks of shorter, specialist courses that form part of the Advanced or Master Diver courses, but can also be enjoyed […]

Maldives Live aboard: Underwater restaurants

Just can’t get enough of the underwater world? Even after a day of non-stop scuba, do you still find yourself dying to descend again? Underwater restaurants offer the opportunity to stay on the seabed, even after you’ve maxed-out your bottom time. Genuine underwater restaurants are few and far between. You’ll find plenty of aquariums offering […]

Buying Scuba Fins: A Guide

If you’ve recently started out in scuba and are still using the fins you bought last summer as part of a snorkelling pack, it’s time to get your wallet out and start shopping. Regardless of whether you’re planning a few dips in the English Channel or are heading off on a once-in-a-lifetime Maldives liveaboard holiday, […]